Why Do I Love Blogging?



The other day I shared a post about my graphic mishaps here on the site. However, I get asked often, why do you blog?  I want to disclose that I am not by nature a writer. I honestly didn’t like writing in school and I was one of those notorious people who had a New Years Resolution to start a journal the first of each year. I would start out wonderfully and by January 2nd I was over it. 

Even when I started my blog, I never imagined I would end up where I am. I never imagined I would have a Facebook page that is by some folks standard small, to me knowing where I have come from it is wonderful! I never imagined that I would know how to make my own graphics and have learned what Facebook algorithms are. How they different on Facebook from Pinterest. I never thought this would be my life.

You see, I am just an ordinary homemaker. We are just an ordinary family. I just happened to be married to a Soldier and somehow as I began to blog, people became interested in our life-Thank you! I am grateful! I don’t know what draws people here. I have been told that it is because Clay and I both are very open and honest with our readers here about our life. We are not picture perfect. Not even close. Our life has been messy. It has been hard. It has also been beautiful and glorious. We have piles of laundry, our house isn’t always clean, our kids mess up just like everyone else and we put our pants on the same way everyone else. So why do I blog? Here are my reasons….

  1. I blog because blogging is cheaper than therapy. This is a true story! Back in about 2009 I did finally start keeping a journal regularly. It helped tremendously with Clay’s deployment that year and our marriage. So I kept it up. I started out on blogger writing about Caleb and that just grew! As I said yesterday, I eventually ended up over here with the RaisingSoldiers4Christ site and now just rebranded to Awe Filled Homemaker. Blogging is therapeutic for me. I really enjoy it. It relieves stress and it helps me have an outlet that is all my own-with occasionally appearances from Clay. 🙂 
  2. I have learned to be more disciplined. Y’all the ADHD struggle is real! That is one reason I would start journals and not finish them! I was on again off again when I first stared blogging. However, the more I studied, the more I learned that consistent posting is what will bring traffic and readers to your blog. I never wanted to be about the numbers, however lets face it. If you don’t bring readers you are just talking to yourself. So I made out a schedule. Those who have been here a LONG time know that for ages I did a Modest Monday post and a Tasty Tuesday post. I eventually in time added in other posts as time went on and then my scheduling changed when I stopped doing so many Modest Monday posts. Now, I am disciplined enough that I do not need to have a schedule like that. 
  3. Becoming a Better Writer. For those who have stood with me here for al these years, God bless you! LOL Seriously! Some of my posts from waaaay back when are just scary! I recently spent time going back through them and WOW. Just WOW. Some of them I hid because they are really that bad! Others I scratched my head and wondered how on earth I even pushed publish on them. Some have good topics but horrible writing. One post had a great topic but was SO horribly written that as I sat to edit it, I got frustrated and just made it private! Maybe someday I will go back to that one! HA! I have told my kids that if they want to get really good at something, they need to practice. That is how it is with writing too. 
  4. You will learn as you blog. When I do a post there is often times a lot of research that goes into topics. While doing this I am educating myself. If you want to be a decent blogger you will also be forced to research and to think! Both of those go hand in hand. 
  5. Opportunities. I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people during my time blogging. I have covered The Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty at several events. I have won trips including going on a Cruise with the Robertson family. I have gotten invited to attend the Dove Awards numerous times. I have attended the Grand Ole Opry, Disneyland, Legoland, the St Louis Arch and many many other events because of my blog. I also have gotten to attend pre-screenings for many many movies. 
  6. Meeting new people. I have gotten the chance to meet numerous people from bloggers to stars.
  7. Money. I hesitate to even write about this, because it isn’t the focus of my blog but it must be said. Yes, there is money to be made in blogging. When I first started out, I struggled with making money. In fact, the money I did make I donated it all for a few years. Then a sweet friend and fellow blogger told me that Pastors and other staff at churches get paid. It is ok to have your blog be a ministry first and always and yet still make some money at the same time. Once I heard that and really prayed about it and talked to my husband about it, I signed up for Making Sense Affiliate Marketing Course and Blogger Revolution course. They have been life changing. There is upkeep to having a blog. I have to pay for the site and hosting. I also have grown to the point that I have another gal who helps me out. Not to mention having a web master. So truly, making money helps me pay for those expenses so that I can continue this ministry. 
  8. Inspiring others. I blog for you. I blog for my readers. I blog to share an inspiring word, a topic, a post that will help you get through a messy day. A life changing event. I am not the fixer. I am just a vessel. I am honored that you all, my readers and friends stick by me here and are inspired. Blogging takes a lot of work and many long hours. So in many ways my blogging is a small way to give back to every one of you. One of the best and most important reasons for me to blog though is so that I can share my faith with others. I will always strive to place God first here. 

I am grateful for this journey. Those who have been here since the beginning, thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you have noticed the growth and direction. I hope to continue to bring you wonderful posts and great resources for a long long time! 

If you want to know how to get started blogging, come back tomorrow for my post on how to start a blog! 

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