Weight Loss Wednesday: Items I cannot live without in my pantry

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Items I cannot Live Without In My Pantry (or so I think I cannot live without them!)

Before I had my surgery I really spent a lot of time in prayer, seeking Gods word and counsel about what I should do. I also spoke in-depth to my husband and we believe that I did what God felt was right for our family.  So after making the decision and continuing to research WLS, I read ALOT of books that had helpful items to have on hand post weight loss surgery. When I first had the surgery and came home I was on liquids, then I progressed to sugar-free pudding and sugar-free applesauce etc.  After that stage I went to things like tuna salad, chicken salad, scrambled eggs, egg salad and so on.  Finally I went to a full diet where I am still at today, I still follow the rules though and for me those rules are as follows.

Rule 1.  I do not eat 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after a meal. I don’t eat 30 minutes before so that my stomach is empty ( my stomach with the sleeve is VERY small) and I don’t eat 30 minutes after so that I do not wash the food out quicker and make myself need to eat before I really NEED to eat.

Rule 2. I ALWAYS eat protein first, veggies/fruit second and last I eat a carb if I have room, I try for the carb to be a good carb but on occasion I do eat potatoes and a small dab of rice.

Rule 3. I do not drink soda/pop

Rule 4.  I eat very little bread, if I do have bread it is usually in the form of crackers, on a rare occasion I eat a sandwich ( I can usually only eat 1/4 of a sandwich lol), I also eat very little rice or pasta but again on occasion I eat some.

Rule 5. This is a rule mostly for me and not REALLY a rule for WLS but I adapted this from the time I could go back on regular food, Once a week I eat what I want including dessert if I chose to.

So what do I eat your probably thinking…I know most low-fat diets are full of carbs and bread, rice, pasta etc. This is a total different way of living but honestly I feel so much better since I made the switch and I am NOT hungry. Here is a list of some of the things I have on hand at all times in my pantry/fridge….

Me after surgery

( This picture was taken in April 2012—112 pounds lighter)

My favorite things

1. Nature Valley Protein bars, I make sure I get the ones that have only 14 grams of carbs in them.  They are so good and I will have one for breakfast on occasion but don’t eat them later than that in the day so I have more time to burn off the carbs. Also, I want to point out that I did not start eating these until I had lost the majority of my weight. I bought them to use on our cross-country move, and they were better than other alternatives. So eat these with caution.Nature Valley Chewy Bars

2.  Fage O percent yogurt. This has SO many uses!!!

Fage Greek Yogurt

3. Kays Protein Cereal ( I use Vanilla) and add it to the top of my yogurt sometimes

Kay;s Natural Protein Cereal

4. Greek Gods flavored yogurt Pomegranate is AMAZING!

Greek Gods Yogurt

5.  Strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe.

6. Cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, squash and other veggies and fruit LOW on the glycemic index

7.  Beans, peppers, onions

8.  Jimmy Dean Ready made Sausage….I know I could fry up some but this is so easy 30 seconds in the microwave and you have protein and low carb. I eat this as a snack with salsa and cheese ALL the time.

Jimmy Dean Ready Made Sausage

9.  Jimmy Dean sausage crumbles…these are great for egg muffins like I make ( no flour just eggs, veggies if you want them and whatever meat you want and cheese)

Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles

10.  Jimmy Dean frozen omelette’s  these are really good ( 5 carbs)

11.  Eggs-I normally boil at least 18 a week plus the other eggs we eat lol I make Egg Salad, Bacon Egg Salad etc plus just eating the boiled egg

12.  Baconlove swine!

13.  Cheese sticks, cheese, cheese and cheese!!! I have cheese of all kinds LOVE it!

14.  Frontera mango lime salsacannot live without this!

Frontero Mango Lime Salsa

15. Kens Ranch dressing ( I do NOT do low-fat dressing, mayo etc it has more sugar in it which is carbs and also they add other stuff in and it is not as good for you)

16.  Sugar Hollow BBQ sauce this stuff is one of my best finds…if you look at the back of regular BBQ sauce it is VERY high in carbs, sauces are one way people gain weight because they don’t realize.  Anyway finding this was great I love it. You can use it on fish, as a dip, on ANY meat at all or well anything you would use regular BBQ sauce for but no quilt! 🙂

Sugar Hollow BBQ Sauce

17.  I use Sugar Free relish for my egg salad and tuna salad or I can my own. You can read the recipe HERE or you can buy pre made HERE.

Sugar Free Relish

18.  Reduced sugar Ketchup and sugar-free syrup

Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup

19.  MayonnaiseI always have mayo for egg salad, chicken etc again I use regular not low-fat. Watch low-fat foods as they usually are higher in carbs.


20.  Pepperoni-great to eat alone or with cheese or take zucchini, sauce and cheese and the pepparoni and make “pizza” you can also use cauliflower to make a “pizza” crust ( I have a link for this if interested) and use pepperoni on that too.

21.   Just the cheese snacks I keep a variety of flavors on hand but my favorite is Wisconsin Cheddar and Jalapeño.

Just The Cheese Popcorn

22. Meats of all kinds fish, chicken, steak, hamburger, beef little smokies, hot dogs ( make chili one day and use the leftovers for chili dogs:)) etc LOTS of meat always.  I do NOT use anything like turkey sausage etc it is full of the yucks you don’t want

23.  Nuts of all kinds. Some of my favorites are Almond Accents ( they have several flavors out), Fresh Express Pecan Pieces Honey Roasted SOOO good! Look in the salad section for these 2 as they are usually with the toppers.

24.  Hidden Valley Ranch fiesta packets this so good! You can add it to ranch or on meat or veggies when cooking so many uses!

Hidden Ranch Fiesta Packs

25.  Kays Protein chipschili nachos are a good flavor

Kay's Protein Chips

26. Syntrex Nectar &  Crystal Light-ALWAYS have those! Twisted Cherry is my fav flavor of the Syntrex I take a FULL scoop of it, 32 ounces of water, and one CL packet and shake….24 grams of protein. I drink 3 of these a day.

Syntrax Nectar

27. Beef Jerky-I love it however,  it is high in sodium so remember that when eating a lot of it. I keep it in the car and at home just in case I need something to eat when out and about. I try hard to stick to stuff that is low glycemic index, more like a diabetic diet.

Beef Jerky

28. Philadelphia Cream cheese ( variety of flavors if you want and the cooking sauces are GREAT too! )

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

29. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

30. Designer Whey ProteinI like the Vanilla flavor. I use this to bake with and for my smoothies.

Designer Whey Protein

31.  PB2


32. Torani coffee syrup sugar free I use this for my smoothies as well. I also put in in a variety of things including greek yogurt.


I keep a variety of ALL kinds or meat, this is huge for me since I need the protein.  I also like variety so I look for sales and stock up.  I don’t mind leftovers so I cook extra when I do cook. I do not eat out very much anymore and when I do it is places that are not fast food so I can have healthier choices.  One thing I also do is eat every 2-3 hours small meals.  This keeps me shedding pounds because my body does not go into starvation mode and it actually burns more calories to eat more often because your metabolism is always working :).

I hope those tips helped! I will post more each week including some recipes so keep watching!!! Remember you can do ALL things through CHRIST because HE gives you strength!!!

In Christ,


Me Before Surgery




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