Why We Love Teaching Textbooks 4.0

Last Updated on April 22, 2021

We’ve been using Teaching Textbooks 4.0 and love the ease. Here are just a few of our personal reasons why we’ve found great success using this as one of our main homeschooling resources. 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0

Math is one of the most, if not the most, dreaded subjects for school-aged children (and some adults!).  As a homeschool mom, it is safe to say there have been tears, struggles, frustration, and everything in between revolving around math. Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is a game-changer for us as homeschool moms, especially during the pandemic! 

I have been one of the biggest fans of Teaching Textbooks for quite some time. Finding a curriculum that is easy for kids to grasp is so important! 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0

Stop The Homeschool Math Struggles Once and For All!

Stop struggling with math! I get it, this is one subject out of a whole range of subjects to cover. 

But math struggles are the real deal. Lean on a system that is great for your child to begin to understand what they are learning. Let’s face it. Once you get it, you get it. However, if you don’t get it, you continue to struggle because math doesn’t get easier. 

Teaching Textbooks 4.0

What’s So Awesome About The 4.0 Update

Here are a few key points as to why this new version is a huge hit for me and my kids. I have a 6th grader and a 7th grader. 

  • Better graphics and layout.
  • Gradebook built-in for parents to see exactly how the student is doing.
  • Emails parents with updates on work completed for the day for easy tracking. 
  • Great price value for math curriculum. The quality and price comparison is second to none. 
  • Family plan for saving money for multiple kids. 
  • You can use the system on your Mac or Windows, as well as iOs and Android devices.

Here Are Reasons Why We Chose Textbooks 4.0 And Are Loving It!

Mobile Access 

With the exclusion of a few select people groups, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t use computers or handheld smart devices to some degree. Now, you can hand over the tablet and let your child master their school work with 4.0. It’s as easy as downloading the app and allowing them to learn at home on the tablet, in the car while running your errands or going on vacation, and we’ve even taken the tablets camping with us to allow the kids to practice their math skills when not engaged in camping activities. 

Prior to my husband retiring from the Army a few years ago, we traveled all over the United States. We have literally homeschooled in all but maybe 11 states. Yes, me dragging books along so that the kids could keep up as we traveled for hours at a time and then me teaching when we finally made it to the hotel. Our van was already packed to the limit with the kids, a dog, a turtle, clothes, and the kids’ toys. Packing curriculum, especially math books, worksheets, and handouts took up a LOT of room that we just didn’t have. Those were painstakingly cramped trips! 

I wish that we had teaching textbooks 4.0 back then! So if you’re a military family, or maybe you live in an RV and space is important, or maybe you just love to travel with the family, the 4.0 version will be SUCH a blessing and space saver!

While we no longer move around the world, we did move twice during the pandemic and now that the pandemic is coming closer to an end (hopefully), we are looking forward to taking family vacations. So believe me when I say this just simplified my life in a BIG way! You don’t have to feel guilty for allowing a bit more tablet time if they are learning and being productive! 

Plus the developers worked incredibly hard to make the app lightweight, meaning you don’t have to worry about the app eating up massive amounts of storage on your smart device. 

Offline Work

Gone are the days of connecting to a hotspot or wifi to complete lessons. The 4.0 allows your child(ren) to work offline when not connected to the internet. It is a great way to take a break from online work and rest their eyes a bit. 

Having the option to do a mix of online and offline is appreciated. 

Teaching Math For Special Needs

I have mentioned it before and I will again. If your child has a special need, sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to help them grasp what they are trying to learn. 

Teaching Textbooks does just that! Give your child this tool to help them practice their math! It is a game-changer, and that is why I highly recommend the system. 

Imagine how difficult it is on the teacher and then times that by 10. That’s how difficult it can be for children who just can’t seem to grasp some concepts. This curriculum allows the student to work at their own pace while mastering the curriculum! 

Scratchpad Feature

On the mobile feature, you’ll find a scratchpad. This is an area where your child can work out their math problem on the phone or tablet. 

Back in the day when I was a child, my scratchpad was a pencil and paper. In fact, my husband still has some of his old scratchpads from high school and college. He says he kept them because he’ll have children one day that might struggle with certain concepts and he knew he would forget them if he didn’t exercise his brain. Of course, he loves math. But to see how he worked out the problems on a sheet of paper is both mesmerizing and confusing. But that’s what math is all about – working out the problem. Having a scratchpad feature in the app makes it that much simpler. No need for a pencil and pad, let them do their work right on your phone! 

Simplicity is the key to 4.0! They opt for the scratchpad and then they can use their finger or a stylus to write out the problem and work at solving the math problem. 

Time Saver 

Sit down, log in, start learning where they left off. That’s how easy it is! No need to rummage through the curriculum, find the correct book, turn to the correct page, then find the worksheets, pencil, and paper. With the click of the button, they are off and learning! 

If you have more than one child, this app allows you the freedom to sit down with one child to help learn the concepts of math or another subject while the other child is working on math. That way you can also have both kids mastering school without having to be hands-on with both. 

Videos For New Concepts 

With each lesson, you will find that there is a video that helps introduce new math concepts. It helps the child to understand what to expect in the lesson that they are about to start. 

If they are struggling with an area, the system offers advice to help them understand what went wrong. Then they have another chance to answer the question again. 

It isn’t just a system that they miss a question with no advice. I love that it puts the child first and helps them master the lesson. 

Some online curriculums don’t offer feedback, so I find this a valuable tool. 

Want To Give Teaching Textbooks 4.0 A Try? 

If you are considering giving it a try, they offer a free trial. Take advantage of this free trial to see for yourself what I’ve already found out. It’s always better to try before you buy! 



This post is sponsored by Teaching Textbooks. While I am an ambassador for teaching textbooks, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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