Most of us at some point or another will experience the joys of waiting. As a military wife, we experience that constantly. Since my husband and I married, here are just some of the things I have waited for:

*Wedding Reception (we eloped so this came later)

*Honeymoon (after the reception…finally! LOL)

*Pictures of the wedding reception (these took forever to get back to us!)

*Waiting on Dr’s appointments, referrals, specialty care

*Waiting AT Dr’s appointments (for those who are military you will understand this is NOTHING like waiting at a civilian Dr office)

*Waiting at the ER…for….HOURS regardless of how sick you or your child is, how many kids you have with you, or if your husband is deployed :)(Ft Bliss ladies will understand this one!)

*Waiting on orders

*Waiting for a change in orders

*Waiting for your spouse to get home for dinner….and this may be the 5th time this week 🙂

*Waiting on housing

*Waiting for the dreaded Deployment Day to come (otherwise known as D-Day for us wives). The only thing good about this day is that it makes homecoming one step closer.

*Waiting in line at the Post office, CYS,and pretty much anywhere else with all your kids (could take hours and there is a sign that says no food or drinks HAHA!)

*The pharmacy….that is all I am going to say about that one!

*Waiting for homecoming!!! 🙂

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting! Waiting on babies to be born, waiting on phone calls, letters, emails….waiting…waiting…waiting.

Sometimes I like to think about Job when I am especially frustrated with waiting. I wonder how he would handle all the waiting that is sometimes required for a military wife. I also like to think about him because I know that no matter how bad things seem RIGHT then, that they cannot be as bad as what Job went through. So how does a military wife handle all this waiting and STILL keep her sanity?

There are several things that have helped me besides the story of Job.

One is I have realized that it is really impossible for me to get a good start to the day without putting God first. I need my morning time in the word and time to talk to my Father in Heaven before I get started. If I don’t, the day will be utter chaos and goodness help me if I end up waiting :). Patience is not my middle name and one time I prayed for patience and the Lord decided to test me…. I think LOL.

I have memorized a saying that is very popular in the military, “the only thing about the military that doesn’t change, is that things will ALWAYS change”. I have learned to bloom where I am planted, where God has put my husband or I in that moment is the very spot we were meant to be so I have a couple choices.

  1. I can complain, whine, throw a fit or
  2. I can bloom where I am planted and enjoy life and what God has given me. I know, I know….waiting is NO fun but we can have an attitude of poor poor me, or we can reflect our love of Christ wherever we are (i.e. the post office, the ER, or waiting for our beloveds to come home).

In my last blog I posted that I memorized Philippians 4:8. That is really my go to verse. I LOVE that verse so much and it speaks to my soul. “Finally, brethren (or sisters), whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things”. Philippians 4:8. Saying that verse over and over in line at the post office does help keep my attitude in check lol.

The latest thing we have waited on was promotion. Technically, that wait started and was going for many years. Each year it was becoming harder and harder to get passed by for promotion. This past year my husband won something of pretty high honor at the post we were stationed at. When the promotion board met this last time, my husband got picked up! We are so happy and grateful. One thing that changed was that after last years board met and he got passed by again, we both gave it up to God. Before that it seemed I was trying to tell God when and how to answer my prayers and my husband’s about this. You know the kind of prayers….”Dear God please let my husband get picked up THIS YEAR” Amen. 🙂

Last year, I let it all out to God and laid it on his feet. In my prayer I surrendered to God’s will, not mine anymore. His time table, not mine. In order to do this I had to totally lay it at his feet and step back. Ladies, God knows what he is doing and we don’t have to tell Him when or how to do His job. We can ask prayerfully, but in the end we need to accept that His answer may be yes, or no, or not now. He has our best interest at heart and loves us and He promises in His word to do us good, right? So He wasn’t punishing us for something by not allowing my husband to get picked up when WE/I wanted. He had a plan; a plan so perfect, yet I didn’t see it before last year.

This past year has been wonderful and I still wanted my husband to get picked up, but I no longer was telling God how to do His job. I had released all the power where it should have been all along — in the hands of my Lord and Savior. Throughout the year, I didn’t worry or stress. I knew the promotion board was meeting, but we were in the middle of a move and I wasn’t worried about it because we were busy. This is the first year it hasn’t been THE TALK leading up to when the list would be released. When the list came out, we actually did not even know it was out UNTIL my husband heard talk about it at work. Little did he know at the time, his name had made the list. So, was the reason my husband got picked up this time because of what he did to stand out, or because I surrendered to God? I think both. I think my husband should do his best but I needed to surrender. The Lord does not hear the prayers of the unrighteous.

So wherever you are (the post office, the commissary in a pay day line, the ER, or saying goodbye to your beloved for a very long time), remember first that God loves us, that He promises that He has plans to bring us HOPE and not harm us. Trust His plan and trust His time. Wait with a willing, surrendered heart to the Father who loves you more than anything. Trust His will in your life and, Dear Sisters, bloom where God has you planted for that season, that day, or just that hour.

In Christ,



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