Tricks To Make Canning Easier

Last Updated on April 1, 2021

Are you looking for tricks to make canning easier? If you’re ready to start preserving your own food and saving money at the same, find out how to start prepping food in an easy and simple way. 

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Tricks To Make Canning Easier

Canning is an amazing way to preserve fresh food or store homemade jams and jellies. For many, the idea of canning seems stressful and they worry about making their families sick. With a little knowledge, you can make canning foolproof and safe for your family while enjoying the summer bounty well into the cold hard winter. These simple tips will make canning easier for you.

Tips for Having Fun While Canning

Enlist some help for your canning adventures. Grab your kids or some friends to help make the most out of a large canning marathon. Many hands really do make light work. Give out jobs taking over different steps. Large batches of green beans or pickles do well with this method.

Prepping Food For Storage and Canning

If you don’t have helping hands available, split the work up into two days. Wash, peel, and chop fruits and veggies and store them in the refrigerator the night prior. This will allow you to jump right into your recipes and canning while the prep work is already done. If prepping fruits that will brown once exposed to the air, cover with water and a tablespoon of lemon juice to stop browning.

Tricks to Making Canning Simpler Using your Pressure Cooker

If you choose to use a pressure canner, make it easy by grabbing a pressure regulator to use with it. This will make using a pressure canner easier and safer. Pressure canners are great because they allow you to can more items safely, but many can find using a pressure canner to be intimidating. A pressure regulator takes away the risk that scares so many away from pressure canning.

Top Tools Needed for Canning

Splurge on the tools. While you can get away with using a stockpot with a tea towel on the bottom for canning, the truth is that you can get the job done much faster and easier if you spend the money on a set designed for canning. These canning tools were invented to make the process easier. If you are looking to get your canning tools on a budget, look for clearance sales and yard sales. Be sure to put a jar lifter and lid grabber at the top of your list.

Avoid worrying about if your product reached the proper temperature by using a candy thermometer. These are simple to dip into your pot to check the temperature so you know you are killing off bacteria for safe canning. You can check the temperature of liquids before pouring them into jars.

Buy more jars than you think you need. The truth is it is so easy to find yourself without enough canning jars. Grab extras when you pick up the cans you will need so if you need more you are not running out to the store on canning day. While buying jars, make sure to grab an extra pack of lids in case you find a less than perfect lid in the batch and need a fresh one. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

How to clean jars

If you have a dishwasher with a sanitizing setting, you may have found your new best friend. Place your jars in the dishwasher and run through the sanitizing setting to skip boiling. Be sure to keep the dishwasher closed until you need the jars to help keep them warm so they will not crack as you pour in boiling hot liquids.

Clean up as you can. The kitchen can become a disaster very quickly when canning. Clean as you go, washing between batches while items are in the canner and you are watching over them. Make use of that time to get keep the kitchen as clean as possible. A clean and organized kitchen is easier to work in.

What appliances work for preserving food?

Put your slow cooker or Instant Pot to work. Your slow cooker or Instant Pot are perfect for making your apple sauces, fruit butter, and tomato products while your hands are busy doing other things. You can toss apple butter into your slow cooker the night before and it will be ready for canning in the morning. Likewise, you can cook these items in a matter of minutes right in your Instant Pot while you are preparing your canning items and setting up. If you are processing many batches, an Instant Pot can make it easy to churn out batch after batch. Your Instant Pot can even be used as a water bath canner.

When pressure canning foods with multiple ingredients ALWAYS can at the time needed for the longest process ingredient. If you canned potatoes and green beans separately, the potatoes would take longer so can a mix of them long enough for the potatoes to eliminate the risk of germs ruining the canning process.

Hacks to make canning easier

Grab a notebook and write down your favorite recipes and any tweaks you made to the flavorings. You will be glad you did when you open a jar over the winter and decide you love the flavor and want to make a batch for the next year. Keep a record of how many jars you got from each recipe so you can multiply each batch to cover what you need for the next year.

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Do you have any other tricks to make canning easier? Share them with us below! I’m always looking for great tips!

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