25 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summertime is here! Who is ready for the pool parties, ice cream and sun bathing? Even new moms can enjoy the summer with their kiddos! This is a great time to make amazing memories with your babies.

Do you draw a blank when it comes to ideas on what to do with your kids during the summer? It can be incredibly difficult to think of ideas especially when you are breastfeeding. Summer time can threaten to keep you stuck at home, but it doesn’t have to.

New moms need to strategize their summer fun outings and play time with their kids! As long as you have a plan, stay hydrated and stay cool – this summer has the potential to be the best, and hottest, one yet.

Bring plenty of water and/or your favorite sports drinks! Breastfeeding moms, make sure to take plenty of breaks in the shade to feed your baby. If you pump your milk, have your bottles ready and be sure to pump before you go out. If you need a breast pump click here.


Huge list of fun things to do with your kids this summer!

  1. Teach your kids a game you played when you where a kid.
  2. Splash Pads are always fun!  (For breastfeeding moms, find a shady spot to keep cool while breastfeeding, but still close enough so you can keep an eye on your other kids.)
  3. Make homemade ice cream together. We love these ice cream recipes!
  4. Go to the local park. To beat the heat, but still have some fun, hit the park in the mornings. (Breastfeeding mommas, find the most comfortable bench, picnic table or a comfy spot so you can watch the kiddos playing and feed your littlest one.)
  5. Blow Bubbles. Kids love bubbles! This is an easy and inexpensive fun thing to do with your kiddos. Perhaps add food coloring to the mix and make bubble art.
  6. Build a Fort. Use your kitchen table and chairs and/or the living room furniture to make the best fort with your kids.
  7. Play in the Yard. Throw a frisbee to each other or play kickball together.
  8. Go to the creek or river. Teach your kids to skip rocks or maybe even go canoing.
  9. Make a Bird Feeder. Hang it up outside and watch for the birds (and squirrels) eat it.
  10. Make cookies. Any kind of cookie is wonderful but No-bake cookies keep the kitchen cool. 
  11. Visit the local Farmer’s Market. It can be fun and educational as you walk the rows of fruits, vegetables and homemade goodies.
  12. Family Movie Nights. Let the kids pick out a movie or two, pop some popcorn and enjoy your summer evening with the kids.
  13. Kitchen Science Experiments. Here are some of our favorite science experiments for kids.
  14. Take a Day Road Trip. Find a fun place to visit and plan out a mini road trip for you and the kids. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!
  15. Play a Board Game. There are several board games that little ones can play too. These can be great fun for everyone.
  16. Make Your Own Pizza Night. Even the little ones can help by adding the cheese and pepperoni to their pizzas. See who can make a silly face with the pizza toppings.
  17. Sidewalk Chalk Drawings. Ask the kids to draw out a story using chalk on your sidewalk/driveway and then let the kids take turns telling you their story.
  18. Water Sponge Play Fight. Beat the heat with this simple yet fun water game. Buy some cheap sponges, soak them in a bucket of cold water and toss them at each other.
  19. Backyard Camping. Set up your tent in the backyard and enjoy the cool summer evenings with a family campfire and smores.
  20. Play Balloon Ping Pong. Buy some balloons, paper plates, popsicles sticks and glue, that’s all you need to make Balloon Ping Pong. Easy and Fun for all ages.
  21. Play Dress Up. Bring out a few clothes from mom and dad’s closet and allow the kids to dress up and pretend to be adults for the day.
  22. Paint Rocks. Gather a few rocks from outside, wash them off, allow the kids to paint them and then perhaps hide them about town for someone else to find next time you are out.
  23. Draw Pictures and Write Letters to Grandma and Grandpa. The grandparents will love it!
  24. Go to the Zoo. The kids will love exploring and getting to see animals that they don’t get to see everyday. Breastfeeding moms, there are several shaded spots you can stop and breast your baby.
  25. Wash the car. Get out the water hose, put your bathing suits on, and let your kids “help” wash the car. Make sure that everyone gets soaked!

This list should get you well on your way to having an amazing summer with your kids. Even the littlest one can join in the summer fun.

For the breastfeeding moms, don’t for a second think you have to hide away and miss out on a fun summer with your kids. I never missed out on fun just because I was breastfeeding.

While it did take some planning, we still enjoyed all the activities. One great thing about breastfeeding is the food just goes with you. However, with my youngest I didn’t have that option so it took a bit more planning with him.

Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

He had a stroke in utero and was very ill when he was born. After plenty of days in Children’s Hospital and plenty of testing, we finally found out about the stroke.

So what does a mom who has nursed two other kids and was a huge breastfeeding advocate do? Well it was an easy decision to know that I would pump. Back when this happened though, 9 years ago, it wasn’t as easy to get a pump and supplies.

Things are much different now for Military families, thankfully. And if you are in need of a breast pump to help you get through the summer, Tricare can help you get one at NO COST if you qualify. Click here for more information.

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