Using Teaching Textbooks For High School

I have spent so much money on curriculum, specifically math, over the years! Our older son used to struggle with understanding math and I was at the point of not knowing what my next move would be. I gave Teaching Textbooks a try and quite honestly, this program has been a game changer in our homeschooling journey! 


Using Teaching Textbooks For High School

My son is the true definition of ADHD. He has the attention span of a fly, so being able to focus for an extended period can be a challenge for him. When we would sit down to work with him on math (which is his least favorite subject & mine, too!), it was an endless struggle.

Trying to get him to focus on the math was one epic battle to say the least. Working with him to understand what he was trying to learn was another battle.  Even my husband, who is a math genius, hit a brick wall with getting the first-born to fall in love with math.

So what is a parent to do? Well….


Teaching Textbooks Saved The Day

No matter how many curriculums we purchased or teaching methods we tried, it was always a fail. If you struggle with math, you know exactly where I’m coming from! 

Math is a hard subject to teach because it is very technical. When I finally came across Teaching Textbooks, I was literally at the end of my rope. I threw my hands in the air and said, “Why not? I’ve tried everything else.” 

Teaching Textbooks was the first program that I have used that has been able to facilitate his understanding of equations and numbers. Andrew was behind in what the education system would deem as acceptable in his level of math. I knew we had our work cut out for us, but I was hopeful for the first time in a long time! 

We sat down and he very quickly went from struggling to soaring above where he was. He moved up to Pre-Algebra and soon he will be on target for taking his ACTs! 


What Is Teaching Textbooks Exactly

Okay, let me slow down for a minute and share what exactly Teaching Textbooks is, in case you have not heard of them. Teaching Textbooks offers a math curriculum for students. Many homeschool families are now utilizing their program in their weekly teachings. 

You can access Teaching Textbooks online, so you create an account, log in and start learning. There is a portal for the parent to log in and access your child’s progress and grades. 

They cover grades as low as third grade up to Pre-Calculus. 


Teaching Textbooks for High School 

I have used Teaching Textbooks for my younger sons and found it was a fun and encouraging way for him to learn and practice his skills. If it is fun and encouraging for a fourth grader, why can’t math be fun for a high schooler? My older son has grown leaps and bounds since we started using the program in our homeschooling schedule. 

How Does Teaching Textbooks Work

Your teen will sit down and log in to the program. They will pull up a lecture that is taught by an actual math teacher. After the talk, they have lessons that they will work through implementing what was shown in the lecture. When they work through the math problems, it will prompt them if they got the answer correct or incorrect. If they answered incorrectly, your child can try again for a second chance or see what was wrong so they can learn how to fix it.

You can then login on the parent side of the portal and see what exactly your teen was graded on. If you find they are struggling with a particular math strategy, you can help walk them through the proper steps to solving the problem. Or you can have them revert to the lecture to watch it to see the process again for them to try again. 



What Grades Are Covered With Teaching Textbooks

This program starts as low as 3rd grade and extends all the way to Pre-Calculus for high school kids. The beauty of this program is you can start your child at any age. The program grows along with your child until you’re staring at their old room as they’re settling into a college dorm.  

Although my younger son was able to start earlier in his years, both my older and younger sons are showing incredible growth since completing the activities available through the program. I find this an essential item, especially for high school age students who are hitting tough lessons in math. Let’s be honest, kids who struggle with math or a specific math concept might need a straightforward and basic way to learn how to solve problems in front of them. 


Pros of Teaching Textbooks Math Curriculum 


Easy to Understand 

This is the BIGGEST perk of the program. From elementary age up to high school, this program is simple! It helps teach your children how to solve math problems and equations in front of them quickly! They do it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the student. 


Limited Teacher Involvement Required

You can have more of a hands-off approach. When I login, I can easily see what grades he is receiving, what questions he is missing and other information that I deem pertinent to his understanding of the subject. Then if I want him to re-take something, I can do so. It allows me to have access to precisely what he is learning and he doesn’t even have to know I’m checking in on his progress! Genius!




You will find that Teaching Textbooks gives you a grading system. This allows you, the parent, to see what grades your child is receiving. You can login under the parent section to see what questions they miss, final grades, progress, and more. 


Tracks Progress 

The online system allows you to easily track your child’s progress along the way. The proof will be in the scoring they receive! You will be amazed at how well your child can apply what they are learning! 


Customer Support

If you ever run into a problem, just hop on with customer support and they will walk you through any issues you might have. So far we have had no issues with the system. But, if you need help getting set up, have an issue with the program, or any concerns you believe is on their end, you can easily talk to someone and get it all worked out. 


Teen Enjoys It 

Again, math is not his favorite subject. However, utilizing this program allows him to hunker down and get the work done he needs and can feel confident in what he is learning! The grades he is receiving shows he is absorbing what is being taught to him. He has said he is beginning to enjoy the program the longer he does it. 

At the end of the day, this program has been such a tremendous asset for my son. If you have a child from 3rd grade or up that struggles with math, maybe give it a try. I was shocked that we finally found a way for my son to understand math and grow and expand his knowledge.  

The program is an investment that we have found to be so incredibly worth it.  Give it a try to see for yourself how easy and fun it is for your teen. If your experiences have been similar to mine, ask yourself, “Why not? I’ve tried everything else.” This is the beauty of homeschooling- finding that golden nugget, even for high school curriculum that truly works. 




The latest version of Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is a paid online subscription. Each subscription that you purchase is for 1 child. Since I have 3 kids, I would need to purchase 3 different subscriptions to cover them all. However, Teaching Textbooks now has a family subscription that makes it extremely affordable! 

You can get an online subscription to 3.0 for $43 to $67. That is honestly very affordable! For you bigger families with 4+++ children, Teaching Textbooks is a wonderful company and cares about keeping costs down. For families with 4-8 kiddos, Teaching Textbooks caps the price for a family plan at $199.08!!!

That means for only $16.59 per month, you’re whole family can use this wonderful math program! That is way less than a dollar a day! 


Have you tried Teaching Textbooks for your high schooler? 


I would love to hear from you if you have used teaching textbooks for your kids? If not, now is the perfect time to give them a try! The family membership is perfect if you have multiple kiddos too





PS: I am so excited to be a Teaching Textbooks Ambassador, and did receive Teaching Textbooks 3.0 as part of my relationship.  All opinions expressed on this product and other Teaching Textbook products are 100% my own.



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