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Last Updated on May 22, 2019


I received an opportunity to review a wonderful product through NotebookingPages.  The Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com is a great way to enhance learning and create a beautiful portfolio showcasing what you’ve learned.

Have you want to teach your children about note booking but had no idea where to even begin?  Better yet, how many in your community have even heard of note booking?  Well, I am so excited to share with everyone the answers to those questions!

We lean heavily towards that Charlotte Mason Method of Home Education and note booking comes naturally with that style.  Note booking allows your children to demonstrate what they have learned in a creative way.

So what exactly is note booking?

According to the Homeschool Mom:  Notebooking is related to lapbooking, but notebooking is a bit simpler, with the information inserted into simple 3-ring binders ….. Notebooks are put together using maps, lab reports, scrapbook pages, worksheet pages, drawings, essays, timelines, and any other relevant work that your child creates.  You can read more about that HERE.

Notebooking Pages Free Membership

NotebookingPages.com is a bit different than how we normally do note booking because the pages are preprinted.  You receive a lot of goodies with notebookingpages.com – hundreds of pages that are ready to use, covering a wide variety of topics!  Here are some topics covered:

  • Alphabet pages
  • Bible characters
  • Famous People
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Holidays
  • Language Arts
  • Science/Nature
  • Not to mention some generic pages with pretty borders, lines, boxes, etc

Notebooking Pages Free Resources

As I scrolled through the site, I was so impressed with the amount of content that was available. I will be honest, I didn’t truly expect such an amazing product.  What a wonderful surprise!  There are so many different options and over 600 pages that are available for your children!

So how did we use it?

As summer is in full swing and while we homeschool year round, we do tend to use a bit of a relaxed approach.  Hello!  Swimming pool! 🙂  We used this product three days a week and my boys really enjoyed it.  I will be keeping this around for the fall!  What a blessing to our family.  Don’t miss out!  I really think this product would be wonderful to fill in any gaps, encourage creativity, and to expand your child’s love for note booking!

Dinosaurs Notebooking Pages

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