Teaching Children to Love Learning About The Bible

Teaching Children To Love Learning About the Bible

Children are curious little creatures that love to see the world around them. That world includes watching what their parents are doing. Whether we are cooking a meal, working on a project, or reading the Bible, children are full of questions about everything they see us do.

Nothing brings me more joy than when my children come and cuddle up to me as I’m reading a daily devotion or scripture from the Bible. It’s at that moment I know that I can plant a seed of God’s love in my children.

But the fact is that children tend to get bored very easily. It’s up to us to teach them that learning about God doesn’t have to be a boring mundane experience. It’s no secret that children’s Bibles are full of colorful images to keep a child’s attention.

Likewise, it is our job, as parents, to reach our children by coming to their level of learning while creating an experience for them. Here are some amazing tips that I hope you enjoy that I pray will help you and your child along this journey.

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Let them be creative

Children’s creative processes are what help to reinforce learning. Whenever you talk about a parable from the Bible, allow them to break out their crayons, colored pencils, and any other type of art supplies to let them try to create the scene.

The more tactile the project, the better! This will encourage them think more about the Bible while being creative and reinforcing what is being learned.

Another thing that I do is allow my kids to write in their Bible. What?! Yes! I take notes in mine, my kids have witnessed that and want to follow suit. So I allow it.

Now, I don’t let them go overboard and start drawing an epic battle scene from Star Wars. However, my youngest son has little notes written throughout his Bible noting something he and I discussed when explaining scripture. It’s amazing.               

Make it part of a night-time routine

Most children love when their parents tell them bedtime stories. Every night, tell them a Bible story. There is a story to match each child’s interest and they will love that you’re making a habit of reading to them at night. It even leaves room for discussion and you help make that part of their daily devotion.

For example, one of my boys’ favorite stories is the story of Noah and the Ark. My husband would read this story to them and add in sounds of rain and thunder and sounds of different animals.

My kids enjoyed it because it peaked their interest and, well, it was entertaining. However, they also asked questions regarding which animals and asked how big the ark had to be and so on.

We end up with an entire study on the size of the ark and eventually visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky so my kids could actually see the size of the ark. Simply amazing. We also homeschool, so my kids also have a routine throughout the day.  

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Download an app

Yes! There is an app for everything, including a version of a children’s Bible to make it easier for them to read and enjoy. Most apps even include audio!

This way, the app can read to them whenever they want to listen. This helps create another avenue of learning, especially since everyone had a different learning style.

Make connections for them

Help your child make connections in the Bible with their daily lives. Are they struggling with a friend that did something wrong to them? Did they get angry over something? Relate verses from the Bible to help them cope.

Try memorizing scriptures by copying them to index cards. This is great for memory building skills and they’ll be able to reflect upon different verses to use with everyday situations that arise.              

Take them on a journey and help them relate

While reading them Bible stories, pull out a map and point to the area of the world where that particular story was taking place. Reinforce to them these places still exist (although probably known by a different name) and were visited by Jesus, His disciples, the Apostles, and other well-known people of the Bible.

After reading a passage, talk about it! Leading back to the example about Noah’s Ark, ask questions like, “I wonder what it was like to be in charge of so many animals?” or “I bet Noah was so happy to see God’s promise come true by seeing a rainbow! What do you think?” Be ready to answer as many questions as you can, as they will be sure to have them!

Then and Now Bible Maps - Fold out PamphletThen and Now Bible Maps – Fold out Pamphlet

When my husband was deployed overseas, we studied the area where he was located. It was extremely fascinating when Clay would send back items that referenced areas they learned about in the Bible, especially Ur!

Be an example

A positive attitude is infectious. The best thing you can do to help your child enjoy reading and learning God’s Word is show them how much YOU enjoy reading it!

The more you enjoy doing something, the more your child will notice the joy you have in doing it and will spill over to their enjoyment. Children are very smart and attentive. They notice everything!

If they notice you loving the Bible and incorporating it into your daily life, then they will do the same exact thing.  They are natural-born mocking birds. My kids all read their Bible’s on their own in the mornings because they have learned spending time in God’s word is so important. 

If you reinforce these practices on a daily basis, you will see that the passion of your child’s love for learning the Bible will increase. In fact, you’ll see them pulling out their Bible everyday to read and learn more!

I hope these tips help you out as much as they’ve helped me. What other tips do you have that encourage your children to develop a love for reading the Bible?

A Few (there are tons more!) of our Favorite Bible Resources:

I know it isn’t easy to always come up with devotions and Bible lessons for your kiddos so let me share a few with you! 

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