Tasty Tuesday….Canning

Last Updated on October 3, 2018

When I was growing up we had a garden.  We also canned, ALOT of food each Summer to prepare for winter. We also made fresh apple butter, using an old-fashioned apple butter kettle outside. The best of memories really and I am so glad that I was taught how to take care of my family in this way. So why on earth would I want to take the time to can my food nowadays?

As many of you all know I have lost ALOT of weight. One of the changes I made was to eat fresh healthy foods.  For a season we were moving so much, it was really hard to can things. PCS (permanent change of station) in the military usually overlaps canning season. So when I gained weight, I was NOT eating very healthy at all.  After working so hard and shedding pounds, I don’t want to go back to filling my body with the bad foods again. Canning helps me to make sure I have fresh foods.

I don’t know how many of you all have looked at the back of a jar of jelly from the store….the list of ingredients is almost scary! When I make my own jam, I know that it is fresh and the list of ingredients are few. I also know that what IS in there is much healthier for you then store-bought.

The savings is wonderful! Financially it takes a lot these days to feed a family. I have 3 boys. They can eat their weight and then some! I also have a hard-working husband who wants to come home to good foods.  Because I can preserve my own food for MUCH less than I can buy store-bought foods, it is a win win situation.

To me, it is enjoyable. I really enjoy fixing fresh foods for my family and being able to share something I made, with love. It doesn’t take as much time as you think it does, and for those who think they just don’t have the time, sure you do! Don’t we always find time for what is important to us? I feel a little closer to the Proverbs 31 lady when I can. I know I not quite where she was at, but I can try.  It makes me feel close to the Lord working with his creation.

If you have always wanted to can, don’t wait! Get started! It really is such a blessing!


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  1. I love to can. I’ve only been doing it a few years now but it is fun. You are right about finding the time when it is something you like to do. When I have extra fruits that I want for jelly I go ahead and make them into the juice and freeze it so that I can-can it when I don’t have as many veggies to can or prepare for the freezer. That helps.

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