Six Ways to Boost Memory

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Six Ways to Boost Memory

It is not uncommon for children to have difficulty with working memory, this is one reason we are so excited about Classical Conversations. However, difficulty in this area manifests in trouble memorizing math facts, vocabulary words, and step by step directions.

This leads to frustration for both the child and the parent. The good news is that memory can be improved. Many steps to improve memory are not only fun but will not take up much time.

Reserve ten to twenty minutes a day to focus on memory boosters such as games. The methods listed below are simple to implement directly into your homeschool day.

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1. Prime Your Memory: Before beginning a new lesson, review what was previously learned to activate synopsis. As you begin the new lesson, discuss an overview of steps or vocabulary before you engage in the actual lesson. Stating items from the lesson beforehand will encourage active listening which aids in boosting memory.

2. Review Material Before Bedtime: Learning while you sleep is too good to be true but there is truth that reviewing material before bed will encourage memory. As you tuck your child into bed, quickly go over simple things such as counting, alphabet, spelling words, address, or history dates. You may want to quickly discuss a few concepts that you will study the next day to get your child ready.

3. Play Card and Memory Games: Playing games boosts memory because it involves visual, verbal, and often hands on memorization in a low stress atmosphere. Some memory boosting games include Uno, Crazy 8s, and Blink.

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4. Encourage Visualization: When instructing a child, have him create a mental image of the steps you are giving him, the vocabulary word, or something from the lesson. As you teach a lesson, you can help your child by using adjectives or words to create those visual images.

5. Let Your Child be the Teacher: Teaching a lesson requires one to understand and remember the information. It will also reinforce information processing.

6. Put it to Music: Let your little song bird use the magic of music to help with memorization. Set math facts, vocabulary and dates to music to help your child recall the information.

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