Simple Ways to Save Money On Meat

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Simple Ways to Save Money On Meat

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money On Meat 

Meat can take a huge chunk out of your grocery budget! Meat is wonderful and a great source of protein, but let’s be honest, it can really be pricey! I have some simple ways to save money on meat that you might want to start doing. With knowing these simple tips, you will find your grocery bill won’t be as high, or you can bring home more food at the end of your shopping trip! 

Below you will find ways to really stretch your meat, what route to go to buy cheaper seafood, learn to use meat as an accent ingredient, and more. All of these ways allow you to enjoy meat in your daily diet while saving money! If you missed them, last week I shared tips on saving money at the grocery store in general and freezer tips also! 

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Saving Money on Meat and How To Stretch It For Meals 

Stock Up On Meat Sales 

Look at your store’s circulars and look for specials on meats. You might find a “buy one get one free” (BOGO) on a roast, discount on meat per pound and many other deals. Try and stock up on those specials and freeze your meat. Take advantage of the pre and post sales around holidays as well. For example, Easter is a great time to purchase hams and Memorial Day is a great time to purchase hot dogs or brats. Our local store regularly offers BOGO sale on meats such as chicken, pork chops and roast. 

Buy Larger Quantities of Meat

Family size packages of meat often offer a discounted price. You pay less per pound overall. Just divide up the meat into serving portions and freeze what you won’t use right away. When you’re ready to use what has been frozen, just thaw and cook like you normally do. 

Stretch Meat

Consider how you are using meat in meals. Let’s say you’re preparing a meal with hamburger meat. Instead of using what the recipe calls for, you could use less meat and the dish will still taste just as good! If the recipe calls for 2 pounds, consider using just 1 or 1 1/2 pounds of meat. Or add fillers to your meat, like a cup of grated vegetables, potatoes, or diced mushrooms, oatmeal, etc. You simply mix it in with the meat and then cook as normal. 

Use Meat as an Accent Ingredient 

Instead of eating chicken breast as is, consider using it as an accent ingredient to a dish. You can get away with using a lot less meat if you use it to mix into a pasta dish or topping for a salad. Cut up one to two chicken breasts to toss in a pasta dish or top a salad instead of using a whole package of chicken to feed the family! 

Reduced Meat

Most stores reduce meat down in price for a quick sale before the meat is about to expire. When you find deals like this, buy the meat and what you won’t use right away toss in the freezer. It will keep the meat fresh until you use it! Generally, they will mark down meat in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Some stores mark prices down in stages. As the date inches closer to the expiration, you will have the deepest discount price. 

Coupons on Meat

By going directly to the brand’s website you can join newsletters, find coupons online and more. Brands like ButterballJennie-OJohnsonville, and more.  Also, apps on your smart phone like Ibotta and Checkout51 will offer cash back on meats! Another place that I have found HUGE  success with saving money and getting good quality meat from is Zaycon. 

Shop Freezer Section for Meat

You can find great deals on frozen seafood in the freezer section! You will pay a lot less money for frozen shrimp, scallops, and other seafood as compared to buying fresh. The taste is very similar and it can really save you a lot of money in the long run! 

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