Seasonal Skirt Hop: How to Wear Skirts in the Winter

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Seasonal Skir Hop-How to Wear Skirts in the Winter

When I was thinking of a topic for this blog hop, it was right there staring me in the face! So many want to wear skirts more but are unsure how to do so in the winter months. So as I was doing research on the topic, I came across this WONDERFUL video!!! Check it out:

The last three places we have lived in have been pretty cool in the winter. Honestly, Washington was the warmest of those BUT because of the rain and dampness it felt much cooler. Since I wear skirts the majority of the time, I needed to be prepared. Here are some of my tips…some are in the video above too.

1. Layers. Having layers is really the best way to keep warm! You can’t even tell many times when I have skirts on that I have leggins under them because my skirts and boots cover them.  I have several different types of leggins. Some are just plain cotton. Others are fleece lined. I even have a few that are like sweaters! I also wear half tees ALOT and long sleeve t-shirts.

2. Wearing “Winter” Skirts.  Just like in the summer there are fabrics that tend to “breathe” easier, there are fabrics for winter that are warmer. Last winter I found a wonderful place on Etsy that made custom-made velour skirts! They are like wearing a velour pant set only it’s a skirt and honestly I have a pant set like that, the skirt is so much warmer and easier to wear!!! I LOVE it!!! I also love to wear wool, fleece, denim, corduroy, and heavier knit fabrics this time of year for extra warmth.

3.  Feet! Keeping your feet warm is very important! Body heat can very easily be lost out of our feet if we are not careful! So for me I wear super long boot socks!!! Those go right over my leggins, or under if you prefer. Then I can put my boots on right over them! I also own fleece lined tights without feet and with feet. The ones with feet look just like pantyhose only they are lined for warmth! Usually if I wear those I do NOT put the boot socks on too. However, it if is really cold out—like those days we had 3 degree weather. I did wear boot socks over them.

4. Outerwear.  Having good outerwear is VERY important! Our whole bodies can become chilled and us lose heat because of not having a coat on or scarf etc. I have many different coats so depending on the weather and temperatures outside makes my decision on which one I wear. I have more stylish dressy ones for church or quick in and out trips. Then I have my beloved Cabela’s goose down coat that I wear if it is really cold or I will be out in the weather for a longer period of time. I also have a variety of scarves, hats, and gloves to wear if I am out very long as well.

5. Footware. Having good shoes to wear in the winter is a must! I know that sometimes boots can be expensive, however my advice for this is to buy good quality boots, even if you only have one or two pairs. Black and brown are good neutral colors that go with a lot of stuff! I have many different types of boots that I mix and match with my outfits. I do buy good quality ones though so I have been expanding my collection for several years. The good thing is that good quality boots last a LONG time! For winter and casual wear I LOVE LOVE LOVE my UGG boots! They are so warm and toasty! I also have some good quality Ann Klein boots that are black, brown, and a tan shade that I mix and match. Adding the boots to my outfit really keeps me warm all day long!

So where can you find some of these items? Here is a listing:

1. Leggins: HERE and HERE. I have also found them at Macy’s, Fred Myer, and Wal-Mart

2. Halftees:

3.  Velour Skirts: Like a Lamb      Fleece Skirts: MouseWorks

4.  Corduroy skirts: Chadwicks

5. Boot socks: Zulily and Amazon

6.  Fleece tights:HERE and HERE

7. Fleece leggins: HERE and HERE and HERE

8. Goose Down Coat: Cabela’s

9.  Dress Coat: Similar to Mine

10.  Scarves, Hats, Gloves: Zulily

11. UGG Boots: Found HERE. That is just one example. I have several pairs/styles/colors.

12. Dress Boots: Similar to mine found HERE and HERE

So what did I wear? Here are 4 different outfits that I have worn in the colder temperatures!

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

The above pictures were taken the day we closed on our house. The owner was so nice and let us move in early! 🙂

Headband: Lilla Rose

Navy Stripped Halftee

Purple long Sleeve Shirt: Bought at Sam’s

Sweater: Dress Barn

Skirt: Jade Mackenzie

Blue tights with dots: Old Navy

Boots: Ann Klein

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

The Above Set is from Christmas with Clay’s family 🙂

Head Band: Lilla Rose

Sweater: I ordered this but cannot remember the site!

Black FULL length HalfTee

Black and White Skirt: Old Navy

Tights: hmmmmm not sure! Probably Fred Meyer

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

I was out at the new house in the above pictures. Getting ready to run errands.

Fuzzy Sweater: Forever 21

Denim Skirt: Jade MacKenzie

Boots: Ann Klein

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

The above grouping is from another day of running errands…picking out new carpet!

Blue Dot Sweater: Forever 21

Tank Top: Old Navy

Skirt: Deborah & Co

Tights: Fred Meyer sweater tights 🙂

Coat: I LOVE this coat! It was a $200 coat at the Limited that I got for $50 after Christmas! WHOOHOO!

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Seasonal Winter Skirts

Traveling back to WV after being down in TN I wanted comfort but also to look nice and modest.

Sweatshirt: This is a dressier sweatshirt that I got at Macy’s

Skirt: Bought on mega clearance at Christopher & Banks

Tights: Fred Meyer

Boots: Bought at Macy’s

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