Resources for Teaching a Foreign Language in Your Homeschool

Welcome back! This is the third installment for Teaching your kids a foreign language. A while back, we touched on this just a bit here. Then I decided to expand a little more so I shared more information in my post on what the benefits are of teaching your kids a second language and then how do we even go about teaching kids a second language if we are not fluent. 

I have received some questions about what curriculum we use. So I thought for this last post in the series I would discuss this more in depth.

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What We Use

As I had previously mentioned, there are a lot of options out there for learning a new language. However, one that my family uses (and loves) is Memoria Press Latin.

We chose to study Latin because it is at the core of the English language. It is suggested as a great language to learn for people who are highly logical in nature. Latin also helps improve your understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, which can come in handy on standardized tests.

The program is very much a grammar-based one, which may sound scary, but will help kids gain a deeper understanding of English as well as any of the other Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian).

Memoria Press has curriculum options for students from kindergarten through high school, so you can use it all throughout your children’s homeschool journey. You can buy resources individually so that you can still customize the learning experience.

However, the thing that I appreciate the most is that it is designed to be taught by educators who have zero background in Latin. I don’t feel like I should gain a huge head-start just to help my kids master the language – I can just learn alongside them.

That was a big selling point for me. I also love that the curriculum is very structured and organized. It’s easy to follow and takes away any need for me to plan things out – which saves time.  

Through using the various resources (student books, teacher books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), it is simple for you to teach your child Latin or for them to do independent work.

That means that you can work one-on-one with younger kids, while allowing older kids to work on their own. This makes it easy to learn the language as a family- especially when you have multiple age groups to work with.

In fact, the program was developed with small homeschool classes in mind, so it is perfect for families with more than one child. If you are passionate about providing your children with a classical Christian education,

I highly recommend that you check out the Memoria Press website. They have a ton of amazing resources, in addition to their Latin offerings.

When we were preparing for Classical Conversations this summer, my oldest really enjoyed using Memoria Press! Now that the year has begun and he is in Challenge A at Classical Conversations, outside the regular Henle he is getting in class each week, he uses a BRAND NEW program called Latin With Andy.

Latin with Andy is an online curriculum help that is led by Andy- Another Classical Conversations student who is in High School! My son LOVES both Memoria Press and Latin With Andy!

Henle Latin First YearHenle Latin First YearHenle Latin Second YearHenle Latin Second Year

Another curriculum I must share about is Foreign Languages For Kids. We were blessed to be on the launch team for this amazing curriculum and it is great!

I mentioned it briefly in this post and wanted to share about it again, because it is so good! Spanish is a great language to learn, and can also really benefit kids. We were sent their Super Set and it came with everything we needed!

The Set includes:

    • Four DVDs, Levels 1-4
    • Four Teacher Guides, Levels 1-4
    • Four Workbooks, Levels 1-4
    • Four Sets of Cards by Kids™, Levels 1-4
    • Card Games
    • Four Sets of Stickers, Levels 1-4
    • Grande, Pequeña, and Squisher Stickers
    • Pequeña (Stuffed Animal)


My kids have really enjoyed adding this in throughout the school year as well.

I hope this helps you out in some way. Tell me, what language(s) are you and your family learning? Let me know in the comments below.

In Awe,

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  1. I love the idea of Latin with Andy–what a cool, real-world project for a homeschooled kid! I hope my boys grow up to be that entrepreneurial.

    We’re a bilingual family (Spanish/English), so my boys have basically just absorbed those languages from birth, but we’ve been also dipping our toes into Portuguese (which I also speak). I’ve been teaching my 3yo colors and animals in Portuguese as we see them in real life, and I haven’t found a full Portuguese curriculum to use in the future. Likely, I’ll just be gathering up books from here and there, and maybe I can beg some Brazilian friends to send some along–Portuguese language books here in the States are incredibly expensive. Maybe somebody will write an awesome Portuguese homeschool curriculum before we get to the grammar-learning stage, though–I have my fingers crossed!

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