Readers in Residence From Apologia!

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I want to talk to you about reading and homeschool. I know finding the perfect reading curriculum can be daunting. Finding one that will work with a wide array of needs is almost impossible.

In our house alone we have advanced readers & those who have struggled. So while it sounds like a bit of a stretch, I am always on the lookout for something that will cover all basis.

Apologia Ministries has truly outdone themselves again and I am so excited to share with you that over the past few weeks we have had our hands on Readers in Residence from Apologia!

We love, love, love Apologia and when we were asked to review this program, we jumped at the opportunity to check out Volume One (Sleuth)!

This week I also shared about Writers in Residence also from Apologia! Y’all, if you are looking for the perfect combination for your homeschool look no further because this is it! Pairing the both of them together is a COMPLETE language arts program!

Score! These two programs are massive as well. These are spiral bound books, which in my opinion are much easier for a child to work out of!

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Why do you need this program? Well, once your child has mastered the basics of reading and phonics where do you go next?  I also realized while having my hands on this just how beneficial it was to a struggler too.

Readers in Residence is even appropriate for older students that need a little assistance in comprehension. Remember my thought process with age recommendations- age is just a number!

Throughout the book, students will cover vocabulary, reading comprehension and literature. The lay out of this resource is wonderful!

I like how detailed it is and how the child gets to hunt for the answers as a detective. It was easy to follow the text with the way in which it is laid out and the fact-finding questions.

So what exactly is Readers in Residence?

It is a reading comprehension, literature, and vocabulary program that can be used alone or with another writing program (such as the Writers in Residence series) to work on these critical skills.

It is designed around 4th grade and older; however, I’m sure you know by now I don’t always stick to grade recommendations. 😉 I decided to see how my youngest handled this program.

More on that later!  Readers in Residence program is divided into 6 units covering a different, classic piece of literature in each unit.

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What works of literature are covered?

(Note- books covered are not included. You can purchase them separately through the links here in the post)

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What is covered through this study? 

  • Instruction in reading for inference
  • Teaches close reading techniques
  • Teaches beginning literary analysis skills
  • Explores new vocabulary
  • Teaches students to identify genre (and why it matters)
  • Cultivates an artistic appreciation for literature
  • Explores character development, plot stages, and making predictions
  • Includes creative activities and projects

Benefits of Readers in Residence

  • Encourages student independence. Included are schedules and progress logs that can be used students to help them independent study skills as well as work on learning independently.
  • Readers in Residence is visually appealing and very detailed.
  • Apologia offers age appropriate as well as a comprehensive approach to close reading skills.
  • In our experience Readers in Residence helps facilitate a love for language and literature.
  • It is an excellent resource for both avid and reluctant readers. I also think it is great for special needs- although it may need adapted to skills and preferences.

The book has a suggested daily schedule for a 4-day week like most Apologia stuff we have used, which is how we typically school at home anyway. So this program works amazingly well for us exactly how it is set up.

If you wanted you can pick up a HUGE resource list  for free that gives you more information, facts, and samples!  I love how both this program & Writers in Residence is written to cover a wide variety of needs. From the struggler to advanced. It fits my family well for that very reason!

Here is a video with more information about Readers in Residence

One of my favorite things about this curriculum? It encourages your student to start a book club, even going as far as to offer suggestions and ideas on how to kick that part off.

In awe,

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