Preparing For a Family Campout

I’m sure you’re expecting to read some exciting post about recipes, the Instant Pot, the Air Fryer, or Bible Scriptures relating to camping written by my beautiful and talented wife Laura. Unfortunately, Laura is nowhere to be found and I’ll tell you why in just a minute.

Instead, let’s talk about me. My name is Clay and I am the proud husband of the woman who runs this here blog thing. I’m also the lucky man who gets to taste test the Instant Pot creations.

So, where exactly is Laura? Well, Laura is currently hiding somewhere. A few days ago she stated she needed to write another blog post about camping. I thought to myself, “Well, this should be good!”

Apparently, what she really said was, “Honey, I need you to write a post about camping for my camping series.” Why me? Why should I write a post about camping? Other than the obvious – I have 3 boys and we camp a lot – why can’t my wife write a post based off our camping experiences?

Oh, yea, I remember now. Her idea of camping is roughing it in a 3 star hotel. Nothing says struggle like scratchy towels, dank hotel rooms and stale bagels.

Here’s where I come in. Think of that grand entrance music and let it play in your mind. Now picture me crashing through a paper banner or brick wall, or maybe a brick wall covered in the paper banner as I save the day. Where shall I begin?

Statistics prove men enjoy camping more than women. Okay, I don’t necessarily have any statistics from a survey posted on some outdoor camping website.

However, in my Trail Life Troop, I can count on one hand the mothers who enjoy camping and we have one of the bigger Trail Life Troops in the state of Tennessee. Therefore, statistics prove men enjoy camping more than women.

Why do men enjoy camping more than women? With my wife in mind, I’ve decided to list a few reasons. Again, these reasons are based off what I think my wife would say.

  1. Bugs
  2. Too hot!
  3. Too cold!
  4. Where’s the shower?
  5. I have to sleep on the ground? In a sleeping bag? In a tent?
  6. Wild animals!
  7. Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, chiggers, mosquitos, creepy crawly things!
  8. What if it rains?
  9. Too dirty!
  10. Where am I supposed to put on my makeup?

Anyway, you get the point. Again, these excuses not to camp are statements my wife would more than likely make. I’m sure she’ll agree with me once she reads this, or she’ll get mad at me for making her excuses public. Either way, point proven.

Just a glimpse of some camping supplies! Stock up while you can.


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Camping can be fun. Unfortunately, camping can also not be fun, but only if you allow it to not be fun. Sound like a riddle? It’s not. Can any of the aforementioned excuses happen when you’re camping? You bet your bottom dollar they can.

How can we mitigate those excuses? Although you may not care about mitigating the excuses, just bare with me for a minute. I’m going somewhere with this.

  1. Check the weather. If thunderstorms and lightning, high winds or some other inclement weather is expected, probably best to skip camping that weekend.
  2. If you decide to camp during the summer, expect heat. Look for shade at your camp site and most parks supply some type of water source. Spring brings rain and cold nights. Bring wet weather gear like a poncho or rain jacket with you. Check the serviceability of your tent and sleeping bag. Ensure your sleeping bag is rated for the low temperatures expected. Your tent also comes with a rain fly to protect against the rain.
  3. Many campsites, especially the state parks, offer bathroom and shower facilities somewhere on site. Just bring some toilet paper, a personal hygiene kit and a towel.
  4. Purchase an air mattress. Your back will thank you.
  5. Educate yourself on poisonous plants. Trust me, you will be forever thankful that you did.
  6. Don’t worry about the bugs. Bring some bug repellent and you’ll be fine.

Camping sounds like it’s rough, but I assure you it is not. You have a chance to escape from the stressors of life. It’s just you, a tent, a sleeping bag and what you bring with you. You’re not bogged down with the negativity of social media or any other negativities in your life.

No worries about whatever is stressing you out at the moment. It’s just you and your family enjoying God’s creation. So go camping and put life on pause while you unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stay tuned. On my next post, I’ll discuss some do’s and don’t’s, what to bring camping, and some fun activities for you and your family. Also, you may want to subscribe! I will be sharing FREE printables for subscribers!!! 

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