Ways You can Pray for Your Husband

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

Ways You Can Pray for Your Husband

Prayer is so powerful in so many different ways and I think it is so important to take the time to find ways you can pray for your husband each day! The relationship between you and your husband is intimate because you know him on a deeper level. You know the battles he is facing, whether it is work or personal. You know his dreams, goals, and ambitions. You know his weaknesses and his strengths. You also know his fears.  

Ways You can Pray for Your Husband

As wives, we need to take the time to pray specifically for our spouse! It can be difficult to know where to begin. I have created a list below to help guide you or even get you started in your prayers. Even if your husband hasn’t sought forgiveness and formed a relationship with the Lord, you can still pray for him! No prayer is too big or too small for God! Seeking God on behalf of our husbands is also an excellent way to grow our relationship with God. 

The Power of a Praying® WifeThe Power of a Praying® WifeThe Power of a Praying® Wife


You can head into your war room and focus on one of these each night or cover multiple prayers. No matter how you pray, taking the time to say a prayer for your husband can be so powerful! God hears our prayers and is ready to help. We just have to perform the action. You may even want to do a prayer walkthrough of your home. 


Taking Time to Pray for Your Husband Daily 

Pray for Favor over Him for Work, Relationships, and Daily Life.

Men assume a lot of responsibility as the head of the household. Men are often the breadwinner sometimes working long hours without any recognition. Many men arrive home to help with chores around the home (i.e. bedtime, baths, stories, yard work, honey-do lists, etc.). Men often take care of their family in other ways such as car maintenance, replacing batteries, helping their kids build volcanoes or an ecosystem for a school project, scaring away the boogeyman, etc. Make sure to pray for favor over him. Pray that God will bless him in all areas of his life, including his work.  (Luke 2:52)

Pray for Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health.

A healthy mind and body are important. Pray for health and wisdom for your husband. Pray that he will be strong in his faith. Pray that he is wise and strong enough both intellectually and physically to overcome any obstacle he faces. Pray for physical health and pray that he stays in a healthy manner so he can live a long and happy life. (Romans 12:1–2)

Pray for Strong Relationships with His Friends. 

Strong friendships with like-minded, godly friends are not only a blessing but a necessity! Pray that he has a friend to spend time with and confide in. Not a friend to take your place as his spouse, but an accountability partner. Pray for him to find friends and build strong relationships with other male friends with positive influences. 

Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your HusbandWife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your HusbandWife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband


Pray for Your Husband to be a Spiritual Leader of your Home. 

Throughout Scripture, God has blessed men in leadership roles. Pray that your husband can hear God’s Word and His Word guides him in the directions he should go. Pray that your husband submits to God’s plan. Pray that your husband is a good and faithful leader in your home. 

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Pray for His Faith to Grow Stronger in God. Or Pray Your Husband Finds the Lord if He hasn’t been saved. 

If your husband hasn’t found the Lord, you can still pray for him to one day have an encounter that is undeniable. Pray that he will find God, be saved by grace, submit and become a Christian! If your husband already knows the Lord, then pray for his faith to grow stronger. Pray that he continually seeks the Lord through scripture and prayer. (Proverbs 4:23)

Pray that Your Husband makes Wise Choices. 

In all things that he does, pray that your husband makes the right decisions. Pray that if he finds himself contemplating a big or small decision, that he will seek God’s Word before deciding anything. 

Pray that He will Thrive in His Job. 

Pray for favor in his workplace. Pray that God will bless him abundantly! 

Pray that He will have a Heart for His Family. 

Pray that your husband will have a heart for his family. Pray that he yearns to spend time with you, strengthening your marriage, and making memories along the way. 

Pray that He will Safe Guard His Heart Against Temptations. 

We live in a world with temptations. Pray that your husband wears the full armor of God and is not seduced with temptations lurking in the shadows. Pray that his heart is safeguarded and impenetrable to the enemy’s snares. 

This is War: Effectively Praying for Your Husband When the Enemy AttacksThis is War: Effectively Praying for Your Husband When the Enemy AttacksThis is War: Effectively Praying for Your Husband When the Enemy Attacks


Pray that Your Husband is Humble. 

Humbleness is not an easy thing to learn. It often takes time and doesn’t come naturally for many of us. Whether your husband is already humble or needs a little guidance, pray that he becomes or remains humble in all areas of his life. (Psalm 51:2–4)

Pray that He will be a Good Father.

Pray your husband is a good father to his children. Pray that he is a leader and shows your child that he is strong in his faith, puts God first, has a good work ethic. Fathers have such a huge impact on children’s lives. (2 Timothy 2:1–2)

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