The Periodic Table of Elements—-Coloring Book!!!

Teresa Bondora, author of The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book, asked me to be a part of the review team and I immediately and emphatically said “YES!”  My oldest absolutely LOVES science and I knew this would be a great fit for us.

I have noticed in the majority of science texts that the Periodic Table of Elements are not introduced to young children; rather the table is introduced to older children, usually around the third or fourth grade.  This book has a totally different approach!  It is designed specifically so that younger children can be exposed sooner!

This book isn’t as complicated as high school level science, but it is a great introduction to the table of elements for a child who has not yet been exposed to them.  Presenting this to younger students can help foster excitement as they grow older.  Once they reach the more advance levels of science, the information is easier to grasp because of the information that was presented at a younger age.  This also helps to prohibit a teenager to shut down as the information becomes more complex and the excitement dwindles.

How did we use this book in our homeschool?

Honestly this book could not have come at a better time.  We are in the middle of our last military move EVER.  I was ready for something different that wasn’t too time-consuming until we get settled in our forever house.  As I was thumbing through the book, my two younger children became interested.  Ideally, their interest would mean I could tie in all three boys in one science course, which would greatly assist in time management during our move.  How did I tie in all three kids?

I made copies of the coloring sheets.  Before I began each lesson I gave each child a sheet as well as crayons.  Next, we found each element on the Periodic Table.  While they continued to color, I read them the lesson or the data sheet found in the book.  Although my younger boys did not pick up on everything, they did, however, retain many of the facts!  My younger ones now know H2O and what it means!

For my oldest son, he loves science and so I decided to take the lessons one step further.  I decided to use them for his language arts studies as well.

I had him to do the vocabulary, spelling and definitions for the elements.  He thoroughly enjoyed it!    This was a good way to take something he loves and use it to foster a love of learning by tailoring a lesson plan to fit him.

I encourage you to check out the Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book and start your younger ones off learning about the periodic table.  This book is great for kids 4 or 5 years old through middle school aged children.  For middle school you may even want to add in more projects and learning for a child that age.

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