Motivate Your Child Action Plan

Motivate Your Child Action Plan

Throughout the past year I have been blessed to be a member on the launch team for several wonderful parenting resources.  You can read more about them HERE, and HERE.  Recently, I was asked to be a member of Motivate Your Child Action Plan launch team!  Motivate Your Child Action Plan is written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.

If you remember in my review of Motivate Your Child, I had said I wished the book had more “How To’s.”  Well, little did I know at the time, my wish was in the works with Motivate Your Child Action Plan.

This is a step-by-step guide to helping parents navigate through their child’s specific problems and implement character based solutions.

Here are the chapters:

  1. Change in 40 days
  2. Where Do You Want To Go?
  3. The Map to Get There
  4. Working Together
  5. A Place for Firmness
  6. Visioning Moves You Forward
  7. Teaching Shows the Way
  8. Spiritual Energy Provides Strength
  9. Coaching Sets the Attitude
  10. Building Motivation from Within
  11. Growing Together
  12. Good Theology Makes It Work

The first page reads, “If there’s something happening in your child’s life that makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s likely a good sign that change is needed.”  How many of us feel like this almost daily?  Change is difficult and often necessary.

In our house, we are struggling with a particular child’s behaviors.  I honestly believe that he could try the patience of Job.  As I read the words on the first page, I was nodding YES!  But how do we get that change?  My husband and I have literally tried everything!  I have read countless books, blogs, articles and magazines on parenting.  If you’re like me, then you’re probably thinking why you would want another parenting book that won’t work.


Well keep reading!  Motivate Your Child Action Plan is different from other books because it actually works and walks you through the steps to implementing change.  This is truly a how-to handbook that helps to guide your child from where your child is to where your child needs to be.  This is not a book that teaches how to get your child to stop a bad behavior by the count of three.  Nor is this the type of book that encourages the parent to bribe their child.  This book helps the parent understand how to create change from a Biblical perspective!

On page 8, Dr. Turansky says, “The heart is where God works. Change in the heart is much more powerful than behavior adjustment.  Helping a child make heart-level changes requires an understanding of how God designed a person and how people function.  It also means looking for tools for your parenting toolbox that reach deeper than the surface.  As you’ve probably realized already, relying on reward and punishment, as is commonly practiced, sometimes works for the short run, but often fails over time.”

YES!!  YES!!  YES!!  Been there, done that and got the t-shirt.  These practices Dr. Turansky talks about did not work.  In fact, it caused more issues such as materialism and a sense of entitlement.

As parents, we know that reaching a child’s heart is very important, but how do you do that?  How do you do that if you have the ultimate strong-willed child?

Well I urge you to get a copy of Motivate Your Child Action Plan!  You can get it here:

I also suggest Motivate Your Child if you don’t already have a copy.  You can get that here:

Learn about Scott Turansky here:

Learn about Joanne Miller here:

Info about NCBP can be found here:

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  1. This book sounds like a great parenting resource. I have been looking for a book that has action points….struggling with certain behaviors also.

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