Modest Monday-Valenetine’s Day with a Military Spouse.

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Being a military wife isn’t always easy.  Sprinkle in a few holidays and sometimes it’s downright hard.  I used to get really upset over the holidays because I wanted my husband to really make a big deal out of them.  Forget the extra mile, I wanted him to go an extra 10 miles to show his love and appreciation for me on Military Wife Appreciations Day, Sweetest Day, my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and especially Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day he reflects his love for me.  Put aside the fact that he is a traditionalist when it comes to our Anniversary and happens to be the best Anniversary gift giver this side of the Mississippi!  Forgetting Valentine’s Day or spending time in thought on making Valentine’s Day special for me was a hill to die on.  I don’t think Clay ever really meant to hurt me.  The day just wasn’t important to him so he kinda blew it off.  Rest assured, he remembered when the firestorm happened when he didn’t remember, didn’t care, or whatever the reason. LOL

In time, I learned that the ultimate romance of Valentine’s Day happened long ago and had nothing to do with me.  Yes, I said it.  I had nothing to with me or you or any other person reading this.

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That is what Valentine’s Day is all about.  That allowed me the chance to take the focus off me and put it on God.  Do you know what happened when I did that?  Clay started doing a better job at remembering Valentine’s Day EVEN when he has been deployed!  Isn’t it amazing how God intervenes when we on the little things when we take the focus off ourselves?

This year Clay had written THIS post that won the contest to meet the ladies and a lot of the men at Duck Commander.  On a side note, be patient more is coming this week about that! LOL!  Anyway, I told him when he wrote that post that he didn’t have to do anything else for Valentine’s Day this year.  You know what though?  He still remembered!

That day I rose out of bed and went on with my normal morning rituals.  I decided I was going to embrace the day even if he wasn’t here. We Facetimed and I decided to take the boys out for lunch and buy furniture for another room in our house.  Next thing you know I had a surprise at the door!  Here are pictures of that and what I wore. 🙂

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I pulled my hair back with a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. I love them!!!

Sweater: NY&Co outlet from about 3 years ago.


Skirt: Bought on clearance at Christopher & Banks

Tights: Aren’t they cute? They have hearts on them! Bought at Old Navy

Boots: I may have worm these a lot this season eh? Bought at Macy’s

I also have a new product I want to briefly tell you about. NERIUM!!! I know some who follow me on my Facebook page have seen the posts. Seriously, go back through my pictures. My skin was starting to look blah and older! I honestly had felt like doctoring my pictures many times in the last 6-9 months. Then I discovered Nerium!!! Ladies, instead of all these tubes of cleanser, toner, eye serum etc it is literally ONE day cream. It has changed my skin and my life! If you want more info on it, check out my site. Also you can email me at [email protected](dot)com and I will send you more information!


Makeup-Ipsy Glam bag this week. I love my beauty boxes!!!



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  1. We do not celebrate valentines day, so I don’t have to worry about anything on that day. It would be so hard having a husband in the military and away from me on any day though!

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