Modest Monday: My Top Picks Of Where To Buy Modest Clothes


There you are, staring at your closet because you have decided to get rid of clothing that isn’t modest.  The excitement fills the air as you begin your new path to modesty. You fight back the “what ifs” – you know, all the reasons not to rid yourself of immodest clothing. You are triumphant in your war against the “what ifs”, but then the next thought creeps into your mind….where do you find modest clothing?   Personally, I have found that obtaining modest clothing is easier than you think. I shop just about everywhere, which we will get to in a bit. I have also found that you can take otherwise immodest clothing, layer it, and make a beautiful modest outfit.

Where do I shop?  Here is a list of my top picks of where to buy modest clothes:

  • Macy’s – One of three (if not all three) thoughts just popped in your mind: the parade, the location and the price.  Macy’s can be pricey, but there are ways around those expensive price tags. I have shopped at Macy’s for years. However, I never shop there without COUPONS and SALES!!! I LOVE a good bargain. I watch and wait for the sales and take advantage. If you don’t have the RetailMeNot app on your phone, you need it! That app saved my mom and me a bunch of money the last time we hit up Macy’s! Macy’s has a great selection of shirts, skirts, and modest clothing!
  • Dress Barn – I love this store!!! I can always find nice dresses, skirts, blouses/tops and so much more here. They have sales often – both online and in store. They also give a military discount which I can combine with the sale price.  The Dress Barn has clothing through plus size as well!
  • Christopher & Banks – They have great sales often, which can also be combined with not only a military discount, but also a teacher discount! I have bought so many skirts and outfits from this store. Christopher & Banks also carries plus size clothing.
  • NY & Co – This store was named X prior to NY&Co.  I have shopped here for about 20 years! This is another store that gives a military discount AND you can combine it with sale prices! You can always find outfits that are modest or with a bit of layering, you can make a beautifully modest outfit.
  • JcPenny’s – A wonderful selection of clothing to choose from. Sadly, they don’t give a military discount but they often have sales AND coupons!!! JcPenny’s carries clothing in all sizes from infants to adults.
  • Old Navy – I have found a lot of maxi skirts and dresses here. They also have very cute and modest tops. I love their tank tops for modesty and their tights! Old Navy also gives a military discount which again can be combined with coupons and sale prices!!! Old Navy carries a wide range of sizes too!
  • The Gap – When I wore jeans, this was my go-to store. The fit of their jeans was honestly one of the best outside of my Miss Me Jeans.  They have a wide selection of tops to choose from and carry seasonal skirts. I prefer the outlet stores because I can combine sales, coupons, and military discount! I once bought over $300 worth of clothing for less than $50!
  • Ross – A great place to get clothing at a good price! You can also find name brand items at a fraction of the cost you would pay almost anywhere else. Most of the clothing is priced very low.
  • Wal-Mart – Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has some really nice options, but just like any other store, you have to look. I have bought skirts, dresses, sweaters, and tops here that I really love! You can save a lot of money during sales.
  • Target – Similar to Wal-Mart, but more coupons available. I love their clothing and can always find something that is modest or I can make modest! Again, watch for those sales and coupons! Many times they can be combined if you just pay attention.
  • Goodwill – If you have been following me for a while, you know my love for Goodwill…LOL.  For me, half the fun of shopping here is the thrill of the search.  I have left Goodwill a few times empty-handed, unable to find anything, but I always have fun searching for those things that shout “Here I am! Pick me! I am a $30 shirt for only $3!”  There have also been times when I had to make choices of which things to buy because I found so many great bargains. That is a good thing, right? I have found ALOT of modest clothing, such as culottes, skirts, shirts, blouses, and jackets. I have been VERY successful at finding name brand clothing VERY cheap. In fact, I have also found clothes with the tags still attached….never worn! On a few occasions, I have found the cutest shoes. If you haven’t tried a Goodwill, don’t miss out! Also, check with your local Goodwill for certain discounts. The one I shopped at in Washington gave a Facebook discount on certain days. All I had to do was bring in my smart phone, pull up Facebook, and show that I had “liked” them.  Go out and see what discounts your local Goodwill gives.  You will be surprised how much money you can save.

Ok as much as I love to get out and shop in person, I also LOVE to shop online.

So here are my top picks of where to buy modest clothes online:

Most of the stores mentioned above also have an online store.  Keep in mind, some stores have In-Store ONLY specials, as well as Online ONLY specials. Keep an eye out for both to save the most.  Here is my list of my favorite online stores:

  • Dainty Jewells – I have shared many outfits by my friend Charity who owns Dainty Jewells.  I absolutely love the dresses and outfits for church especially! They are beautiful and Christ honoring.  Charity was a homeschool kiddo who learned to sew as a child. She opened up her own business and it soared! Now she is married and her business continues grow! God has truly blessed her and she continues to bless many by providing Christ-honoring, modest clothing options!
  • eShakti – You can personalize much of the clothing before ordering.  You can alter the length, sleeves and neckline before it is even shipped! It is amazing to be able to get a dress that is just right! I have several of their dresses and adore each one of them!
  • Zulily – A wonderful online store that constantly has great deals! I have bought a lot of shoes, skirts, and other clothing at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere! Did you know that you can earn points from Zulily be referring them to your friends? You can then use those points and cash them in and save even more!
  • Apostolic Clothing – This is another store that I just love! I have been very satisfied with everything I have purchased They have beautiful skirts, dresses, blouses and other pieces. The customer service is fabulous, too!
  • NoVae Clothing – NoVae has a mix of clothes from pants to dresses. This store is run by a stay-at-home mom who is super sweet and has great customer service as well. I have not been displeased with anything I have bought from them.
  • MikaRose – I have bought several dresses and skirts here. They carry a GREAT selection of modest choices!
  • Kosher Casual – They have great clothing options, including workout skirts!!! All items are made in Israel.
  • Sexy Modest – Don’t let the name fool you, because it fooled me for a long time. You can find some really nice modest clothing options, such as pants and skirts/dresses and nice blouses/tops! I have loved everything I have bought.
  • SweetSalt Clothing – This site was recently featured on Fresh Modesty’s blog and I am LOVING their clothing! They have a great selection of modest clothes and I am THRILLED they are a sponsor of the giveaway today!!! I also cannot wait to take part in more reviews of this company’s clothing. Check them out and you will probably be hooked too!
  • Junie Blake – Another great modesty site to bookmark!
  • Sierra Brooke -I personally have never ordered from here but many have recommended it.
  • Deborah & Co – This store is owned by Caroline Allen, who is a super sweet stay-at-home mom. I have always loved everything I have purchased from Deborah & Co and the customer service is wonderful as well.
  • NeeSee Dresses – I just stumbled across this site and I really like it so far! I cannot wait to review something from them 🙂
  • Jade MacKenzie – A great online modesty store with such lovely items!  Wait until you see what she is bringing out on the site for FALL!!! I can hardly wait until it is released! 🙂
  • DownEast Basics – I personally have never ordered from here but many have recommended it.
  • ThredUP – Similar to Goodwill, but with even higher end clothing options for an affordable price! I have placed orders several times and have been more than pleased with my purchase! On a side note, it helps to have a plan when you go on there. You can find yourself overwhelmed with the options and choices. Also, this is another company that YOU can make money when you refer them!

Skirts and Layering


I posted my views about Make-Up HERE. I personally love Mary Kay  Make-Up!!!

So those are some of my favorite places to shop for modest clothing. I put this together just in time for the Fall 2014 color selection!!! So what are some of your favorite modesty stores? Comment below and share where you like to shop or find deals on modest clothing!

Ok here is what I wore and THEN you can enter the Giveaway! lol 🙂

On Fridays we do a light day in school until our Co-Op begins in September. So we have been doing Fun Friday’s and going on field Trips. This past week we went to the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, WV. We also visited a few memorials from the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War! I did a little pattern mixing with this outfit. It was so comfortable!








Headband: Lilla Rose

Stripped Top: I.N.C from Macy’s

White HalfTee from: HalfTee

Skirt: I.N.C from Macy’s

Shoes: Sperry’s from the Exchange in Oklahoma. I linked to amazon in case you wanted them.

In Awe,


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  1. I like buying modest clothing wherever I can 🙂 I have found great buys at Target, which is a place I go a lot.

  2. You have some of my favorite stores there! Other good ones I like are online modest clothing swap groups on Facebook and Yahoo, and local thrift and charity shops. We have three where I live that support the Pregnancy Network (a pro-life pregnancy support non-profit), the crisis nursery, and the third is just a mom & pop thrift shop, but let’s face it, supporting a family in earning an honest living is a great way to go too 🙂 I can usually find better prices and better quality at the small local thrift shops than Goodwill and Value Village also. My favorite, the mom & pop place, even has a notebook where you can jot down things you’re looking for and they’ll call you if they get something in. Very helpful when you’re in search of modest clothes, odd items or even just special sizes.

  3. I have not shopped at many of the stores you posted. I am a plus size gal and I have a hard time finding things that I like that are modest. I have been to Cato’s and have bought several things from them, but they do not have skirts with pockets. ( I can’t live without pockets!!!) I usually buy clothes from Woman Within or Roaman’s because they sell many plus sized clothes.

  4. Hello! I heart CJ Banks – plus sized clothing that fits and is modest. I just bought my first pair of jeans and capris in 11 years and I don’t feel like they are clinging to me so I can stay modest and feminine.

  5. I like to shop at many of the stores you posted- I like to order online whenever possible, but sometimes that doesn’t turn out well. I have ordered from Deborah & Co & like her stuff! I prefer thrift stores or Gap & Old Navy outlet stores.

  6. I have been wishing for a place to buy modest clothing, but haven’t really found a specific place. I’m glad to have found this giveaway, though. This gives me a chance to try something new. 🙂

  7. I usually try to find clothes at garage sales, or I help my mom sew clothes. I think it would be nice to have a store to buy some of my clothes, though.

  8. I love many of the sites/stores you mentioned!! I’m glad it’s easier to find modest clothing! My daughter has been in a few weddings with Dainty Jewel dresses! I browse their booth at every conference where I see them. Heard they will be in Florida next month!! Here’s another site you can add –

  9. Thank you for posting about sexy modest, i had never herd of them and i cant wait to order some of their items, I am a budget kind of girl but love modest clothes and have a hard time finding them in my area and a price i am willing to pay online. And I can speak for ThredUp, I love that place i can sit at my computer and thrift shop, like you said there is alot to choose from, when I have time to browse and have no plan in mind i save things to a pintrest board i have dedicated just to it and when i am ready to buy go through and weed out my options.

  10. Here’s an another one that can be added in the list of modest online stores- You can customize clothes according to your length, you can get clothes till 7XL. You’ll get all of these at so reasonable prices. I love them totally.

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