Modest Monday: Sunday Worship Outfit

Sunday Worship Outfit

My dear readers. I hope you understand that this week things have been a bit busy to say the least. It happens to us all sometimes, yes? :). So my normal devotion or post I share with my modest outfit just didn’t happen. I do have an outfit to share though. I also have more posts finished already for later this week. If you haven’t already checked out my 7 Days of Modesty Post, I would love to have you heard there and look. I am on day 4, lol. I will continue though posting the pictures. They are took, just not up. Thank you all for understanding. It is always harder when our spouses are not around, let alone as long as Clay will be gone. I have some wonderful new posts I am working on as we edge more towards school starting back AND I have a great new post for next Sunday. I love and appreciate you all! I pray for my readers daily. If you have anything you would like to share as a praise from God or a prayer request, please post them in the comments. I would love to be able to do that for you all this week.

So what did I wear?

MM-black and white-5

MM-black and white-1

MM-black and white-2

MM-black and white-3

MM-back and white-6


MM-black and white-7

Dress: I honestly do not remember where I got this. It was last winter at the end of the season on sale

Under shirt:

Shoes: Bought at the Exchange store on post.

Hair Clip: I am so thankful for Lilla Rose clips. I had 11 minutes to get ready for church this morning. My clip still kept my hair nice without lots of fuss!

In Christ,


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