Modest Monday: Setting a $50 limit

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Disclaimer: This post is a bit different from what you’re used to reading for Modest Monday. 🙂

Clay’s grandma gifted me $50 for Christmas.  This is the norm and in years past I have often used the money for groceries or to pay a little extra on a bill.  This year, however, I decided to see how far I could stretch $50 at a retail store chain like Christopher & Banks.  I have no doubt in my mind I would have been able to stretch the $50 even more at Goodwill or another second-hand shop, but I wanted to see how disciplined I could be at a retail store.  Besides, I also enjoy shopping at other stores as well.

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It is important to be a good steward of what God provides for us.  I could have taken the money and spent it on a new computer (even though I don’t need a new computer); spent the money on the latest smart phone (even though mine is perfectly fine); or spent the money on a host of other not needed items.  Instead, I decided to see how far I could stretch the dollar at the mall.  Do I need more clothes?  Not necessarily.  I could continue to work with what I already have.  However, the concept of this blog is educate and encourage modesty while remaining frugal.

The first thing I noticed when I went to the Christopher & Banks website was their huge banners announcing sales!!!  YAY!

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After I saw the sale banner I clicked on clearance items.  I found a list compiled of all their items on clearance.  I scrolled through each item until I noticed something that caught my attention.  The first thing that caught my eye was this skirt:

$50 skirt post

The next thing I spotted was a vest that would match many garments in my wardrobe perfectly!

$50 Vest post

I also found two sweaters that were calling my name.  Both of them coordinate with skirts and other outfits I have which will then stretch my wardrobe further.

Orange Sweater-$50 post

Brown Sweater-$50 post

My goal was to stick to $50.  What better way to save the money than purchasing only clearance items?  When I added all the items in my cart the total surpassed my $50 budget.  BUMMER!!!

Instead of feeling defeated, I visited “Retail Me Not.”  This is one my GO TO websites to save money.  Often times, I can search Retail Me Not to find a coupon code for online shopping.  Last night I found a $10 coupon for Christopher & Banks! WOOHOO!!

As I was looking at items to delete from my cart, I then remembered an email I had received from Christopher & Banks a few weeks ago.  The email was a friends and family discount or the holidays because I am part of their reward program.  It was for $15 off!!! So I used it instead of the $10 coupon! Sometimes you can combine coupons on Christopher & Banks, not this time though. I want to share that if you are not a part of this award program you should be!  I purchase a large amount of my skirts from Christopher & Banks and they always have items that are modest.  Since I am already shopping there anyway being a part of this program just makes sense!  They also send me discounts ALL the time!  I receive coupons often and the discounts are usually for a decent amount, too!  I have never got one for less than $10!  Also, being a part of their rewards program earns you free stuff!  Yes FREE!!!  They track my purchases and I have received free skirts after so many purchases.  It doesn’t matter if I buy the skirts on clearance or not.  In fact, I once bought a skirt for $4 after all the discounts and they still counted this purchase towards my free skirts!  As an added bonus, they also send me rewards money after spending X amount of money at their store!  Their rewards program is a definite WIN-WIN for me!

Pricing-$50 post

I almost forgot another bonus while shopping at Christopher & Banks.  The store also gives military discounts and teachers discounts!!!  Yes, home school mommas, that teacher discount will count for you, too!  However, I have only been able to take advantage of this discount in the store and not online.

You can see from my total order here that I saved ALOT of money!  I began with only the clearance items, then added the $10 discount from Retail Me Not, and finally added the $15 friends and family discount from Christopher & Banks.  This brought my total down to $48 and some change!  One thing I didn’t mention about my order that also saved me a lot of money was FREE SHIPPING!!  If you haven’t shopped at Christopher & Banks, check them out.  They are one of my favorite stores for modest apparel!

So here is my pricing breakdown:

17.98 Black Skirt discounted further to 13.76

19.98 Navy Vest discounted further to 13.76

11.98 Orange Sweater discounted further to 9.17

+15.98 Brown Sweater discounted further 12.23


63.92TOTAL before discounts



$48.92 with my Friends and Family discount!

I felt good about myself because I set a budget and I stuck to it.  I was able to use the money from Clay’s grandma for something that was beneficial, too.  I think she would be pleased at how far I got the money to stretch! 🙂

How far $50 can get you?

In Christ,


***I was NOT compensated for this post by Christopher & Banks. It is a store I personally love to shop at and was just sharing my experience with my readers.  The link to AMAZON though is an affiliate link. By clicking it, your cost will NOT increase. It just allows me to earn a percentage of any purchases bought after clicking through my link.  This allowed me this past Christmas to give Christmas to 9 kids and their families who otherwise would not have had a Christmas. Thanks to all of you who have used my affiliate links this year, you had a part in blessing those children too!***

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