Modest Monday: Rainy Day Blues :)

Rainy Day Blues Graphic

We got hit down here in Tennessee with an ice storm when the rest of the north got snow.  Snow down here is a 4-letter word. 🙂  Snow/Ice will shut the whole state down because they just are not used to it at all!  So schools were out all week (hooray for homeschool because we carried on as usual LOL).  Stores were sold out of water, salt, milk, cheese and all the other “emergency” items.  Churches were closed on Sunday until the ice and snow began to melt.  We have not found “OUR” church yet so weathered the wet pavement, dirty slush, and rain.  Basically, it was a mess.  I decided to revert back to my Washington  rain experience and dress for the weather. 🙂

Here is what I wore:


I do not know what I was thinking with that facial expression.  Rainy day blues?  LOL


OK that is a bit better 🙂









I admit that the quality of the pictures is not the best.  It was getting late, the kids were hungry and I wanted to snap pics in case I got food on my clothes!  HAHA.  ANYWAY, hubby will be back soon and I will go back to using my GOOD camera instead of my phone.

Flexi Clip:  Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

Sweater:  Bought at K-Sera

Vest:  Bought at K-Sera

Skirt:  I have had this a LONG time!  I think I got this at Burlington Coat Factory about 3 years ago on clearance.

Boots:  Bought when we first moved to Washington at Fred Myer 🙂

Skin Care: I am not sure if you have noticed, I am using Nerium. It has made a HUGE difference in my skin!

I hope you have had a blessed Lord’s Day and just remember, even on those rainy days God loves us very much!

In Christ,



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