Modest Monday: Life, Liberty, and “See Ya Laters”

Life, Liberty, and

Life, Liberty, and “See Ya Laters”

As many of you know, we recently moved from one side of the country to the other – from Washington to West Virginia.  You can read my “see ya later Washington” post HERE.  The trip was nothing short of amazing!  During the next few weeks, it is my intention to share with all of you about this adventure.

We left Washington for a few reasons.  The major reason we left was Clay had orders for an overseas assignment.  The boys and I could have gone with him, but that would mean his assignment would have been extended for another year.  Neither one of us wanted that.  The other option was the boys and I could have remained in Washington while he was away.  However, after much prayer, we felt God leading the boys and me back to West Virginia.  My family is here and many close I’ve known almost my entire life also.  My husband’s family lives across the river in Ohio and it made more sense to come closer to family.  The final reason we decided to move to West Virginia is retirement.  This will be Clay’s last assignment.  He can actually turn in his retirement paperwork now and will retire after he comes back.  Retirement is a wonderful feeling knowing that Clay will no longer be sent away from us; but retirement is also a scary feeling because of the income and benefits we will lose.  So, in order to prepare for the financial restraints, we wanted to pay off all debts and work towards building a house.  I will talk more about that in a later post :).

When we left Washington, we traveled down the coast through Oregon and California. Then we made the trek across the states to West Virginia.  We made many stops, saw many historical sights and attractions, and, most importantly, we made memories along the way.  During the trip, we forgot about Clay leaving us for a year and focused on the family.  One of the greatest blessings the military has afforded us with in our marriage has been traveling everywhere.  We have been absolutely blessed to have been able to see such a vast amount of this country.  God’s creation is just gorgeous and awe inspiring!

Tumwater falls

When we finally arrived in West Virginia, we got busy preparing for our household goods delivery.  We made a two-part plan.  The first part was to store the items we wouldn’t need in a storage container until our house was built.  The second part was to hurriedly unpack and organize the items we would need before Clay left.  We had exactly 12 days to sort through what we would need for the next year and store the rest.  I normally can unpack an entire house in about 4 days, but not this time. LOL!  The circumstances surrounding this move were much different than what we were accustomed to.  During this transition, we decided to move in with my parents while Clay was away.  Although my parents have plenty of room for us, they have lived in this house for 47 years.  Not only was I organizing the things I would need (i.e. home school materials, books, clothes, toys, and other items for comfort), but I was also working around the items they had collected in almost half a century.  Unpacking and organizing took us much longer than what we had initially anticipated.  It’s funny how life throws curve balls and sliders your way when you least expect it (a baseball analogy for all my baseball fans out there…;))  As we are unpacking and organizing and making decent progress, I became ill.  I wish I could say it was just a cold or some congestion and a bad cough.  Unfortunately, it was much worse than that.  It got so bad that I went to the doctor.  Those who know me know that I rarely take a trip to the doctor, unless I’m near death or having a baby.  I’m usually pretty good at doctoring the family back to health.  What’s worse is that this illness came at the worse possible time – Clay’s last week.  All the plans I made to unpack, organize, hang pictures, get family pictures made, date night and everything else was pushed to the side.  I felt horrible; not because of the illness that was gripping me, but because I couldn’t have those final memories before he left. I was hoping and praying the medicines I was prescribed would kick in and I would be fine to at least have a date night with my husband, but that didn’t happen.  In the end, it was the essential oils that got me back to health!


Time was unforgiving that last week and passed by so fast, breaking the sound barrier.  I wanted more time; I wanted the plane to be delayed; I wanted Clay’s orders to be amended for a later arrival date; I wanted anything that would provide us more time.  When we took Clay to the airport, I was almost human again.  I was still sick, but with make-up..LOL.  I was able to not look like death warmed over.  On our way, we stopped at a restaurant and enjoyed our final meal as a family.  It was a sweet and blessed time with Clay and the boys. I loved listening to the conversations between the boys and Daddy. I miss those talks immensely. I miss their interaction, the love shared, the silliness, and the love of God they share with each other.


We left the restaurant and finally arrived at the airport.  I planned to be strong, just as I plan to do each time I go through this.  A poet by the name of Robert Burns wrote, “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go astray.” Basically, it means that the most carefully prepared plans may go not as planned.  This was the result of another “see ya later” at the airport for me.  Clay has a way of making light of just about any situation.  I have seen him become emotional, but it doesn’t happen very often.  At first we laughed and joked.  Then I began to cry.  I knew it was going to happen and it was just a matter of time before it did.  He is my other half-my better half. My soulmate. My best friend. Daddy to our boys. Outside of God and Jesus, he is our world. I have said “see ya later” many times, it just never gets easier-it just becomes something you live with.


At the time of writing this, my husband has been gone about 3 weeks.  I have tried to keep myself busy, but some days are long and the nights are longer. I miss all the little things as well as the big things. I am also thankful for technology! FaceTime and MagicJack are wonderful!!! 🙂


This post will be shared after the 4th. However, I hope you take time each day to thank God for your Life, your Liberty, and for “see ya laters”. You see, without the see ya laters, who would protect life and liberty?

I hope you have subscribed to the blog so you won’t miss any of my series. Some of the posts will be shared on different days than Monday because of the theme.

So what did I wear to say my “See ya laters”

Red Sweater: Old Navy $5 I have worn that a few times before on the blog 🙂

Dress: eShakti I LOVE their dresses because you can customize them!

Shoes: Not sure the brand. I got them at Goodwill though.

Hair: Flexi Clip by Lilla Rose

In Christ,



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