Modest Monday: Feeling Peppy :)

Feeling Peppy

Feeling Peppy

This post is going to be short today. I spent a lot of time this weekend preparing for my Modesty and Prom post. Our church also started revival today and I am exhausted :).

Feeling Peppy

Feeling Peppy

Feeling Peppy

Feeling Peppy

Today  I wanted to be comfortable yet look nice for church.  In between services we went to a party, so I needed something I could wear all day.

Hat: Fred Myer found on clearance

Blue Undershirt: Halftee

Pink Tank: I wore this because I felt the blue shirt I wore was to thin. I have NO idea where I got this tank at. Maybe the Exchange?

Blue shirt with the tie strings: Goodwill, it is Anne Taylor brand though. I scored it for $2.00 🙂

Red Sweater: Bought at Old Navy for $5 🙂

Skirt: Zulily

Boots: Zulily

Make-Up: Mary Kay

Today’s sermon was so powerful, I may share it next week with you. I have a whole lot of exciting things planned and coming to the blog. What would you like to see? Comment and share :). Also, are you subscribed? If not go ahead and do that so you won’t miss a post!



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