Modest Monday: These are a few of my favorite things…..

Modest Monday Favorite Things

Ladies, I apologize that I don’t have an outfit to share today.  Can I blame in on the snow and craziness? LOL!  For this week’s Modest Monday I decided to do something a bit different. I receive numerous messages asking what products I use and why.  Here they are:

1. NERIUM.  I am not sure if you noticed but over the last year my skin had really changed!  It was starting to look older with more wrinkles, fine lines, larger pores than before, and circles under my eyes!  A friend of mine had started using Nerium and asked if I would be interested.  I honestly blew it off as just “another skin care product” and went on.  Then she kept talking about how it was helping her skin.  If you knew my friend you would know that she is NOT one to promote a product easily.  Suddenly, it seemed half of my hometown was using it.  I gave it a try and was hooked!  In only 5 days you could tell a HUGE difference in my skin!  I know some of you are not into make-up BUT all of us need a good skin care routine.  So check it out!  You can order below:


2. ARTISTY.  For many years I used Artisty Make-up.  Then I kinda got away from it but honestly, I am going back to it.  It does the best for my skin! I absolutely love their products and will not be trying anything else again.  You can get artistry below:


3. BEAUTY BOXES.  The beauty boxes I order are great!  You can read more about those HERE and there are links to the ones I like the most! 🙂

Beauty Boxes

4. STITCH FIX.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stitch Fix!!!  The surprise of getting new outfits that are picked out for me by a stylist is pretty cool!  I love not knowing the brand, style or color until the box arrives!

Duck Dynasty-11

5.  LILLA ROSE.  Those who have followed me a while know I LOVE my Lilla Rose!  I love all the products from the flex clips in various sizes to the headbands!  If you haven’t used Lilla Rose, you should definitely try it!  Trust me, you will be hooked!


6.  PLEXUS.  Most of you know that I lost 130 pounds almost 4 years ago.  I am just getting started in my Plexus journey but I am doing it for many reasons.  Not only do I want to keep the lost weight off, but I also want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Plexus helps with many conditions, including hypothyroid which I have been border on for years, but cannot get the doctor to test for the third strand.  I also got started in Plexus because of my oldest.  I have posted many times on here about his ADHD/Asperger issues.  If you have a child with ADHD/Aspergers give Plexus a try.  The pink drink can help!  I will be sharing more about this later, but if you are interested in trying it, did you know that you can sign up as an ambassador and get a discount on the products for only $34.95?

Plexus health

Plexus ADHD-no label

7.  YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS (YLEO).  I have been a Young Living distributor for a while now.  I can tell you that the oils have made a huge difference in our life!  From allergies, ADHD, Aspergers, common cold, flu, aches and pains, and much more!  The oils have changed our family.  My husband has a severe allergic reaction to cats.  When he has a flare up, it takes his prescribed allergy medicine about 2 days to get the allergic reaction out of his body.  However, with the YLEO allergy pills I make him, he is free and clear in about 20-30 minutes.  After his last flare up, he flushed his allergy pills and has never went back to his allergist.  In fact, I made a bunch of allergy oils for him and sent them to Korea so he would so he could have them readily available.  Also, my oldest has sleep issues as do many kids that have ADHD. The oils and his diffuser are MUST haves!  We can’t live without them.  YLEO also has an Essential Rewards Program (nothing like getting oils for FREE!!!).  Right now I am running a special.  If you sign up as a distributor under me, you also get THIS book FREE!!! For more post on YLEO click HERE.

Young Living Oils-Essential Rewards

8. AMAZON.  Who doesn’t like easy and affordable one-stop shopping?  Not to mention the convenience of having your purchases shipped directly to your home!  My Dad recently needed new tires for his truck.  He ordered them off amazon because they were cheaper than anywhere else!  We have ordered tools, books, household items, food, canning supplies, kids toys, personal hygiene products, you name it!

Amazon Button

So there you have it!  Eight of my favorite things!  Next week I will have a modest outfit to share with you all.  I hope you have a blessed week!

In Christ,


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