Modest Monday: Being An Intentional Christian When It Isn’t Politically Correct

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The representative from the North West Southern Baptist Conference spoke at our church over the summer.  He was a very good speaker and I was drawn in by the information he was sharing.  He stated that only 4% of professing Christians attend church in this area.  Yes, you read that statistic correctly – 4%!  What can be more surprising than that low percentage?  It just so happens that this census (so to speak) was taken on Easter Sunday, which also happens to be one of the few days that churches across the nation take in the highest attendance.  I was absorbed in that lowly figure.  I was, and still am pummeled by a laundry list of emotions.  I can not get this percentage out of my head!  I have been praying about this figure ever since I heard it.  I have been thanking God for the 4% who were attending church to hear His Word and fellowship.  I was also praying to God for the other 96% who were hearing His Word through Podcasts, television or internet, but not attending church to fellowship; and also praying for those who were not doing any of the latter.  This 4% figure has really been difficult for me to accept because of where I grew up. I was raised in the Bible Belt and almost everyone went to church.  Our figures were completely opposite.  We had less than 4% who didn’t attend church on any given Sunday.  After church each Sunday, we would visit a restaurant with family and friends to continue our fellowship.  We could hardly find a place to eat because the lines were filled with people of all ages in their “Sunday best”.

The small percentage of people who attend church in this region is difficult for me to accept because of my involvement in church at such a young age.  My family and I, along with so many other families, were attending church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, as well as special events.  There were times when we were invited by friends to attend their church.  There were times when we traveled to other churches to sing as a choir or other special activities.  I am so thankful for my family who planted me in church at such a young age.  I have met so many wonderful people and have made lasting friendships with like-minded people.  I have supported so many through trials and triumphs and so many have supported me.  My church families have loved me and I have loved them.  So, it breaks my heart to no end with the knowledge that there are so many people in our neighborhoods who have never visited a church or who have quit attending services.

Lately, the title “Christian” seems to be a word just tossed about with no meaning behind it.  No fruit.  There are many people who are claiming to be Christians but are living their life on both sides of the fence. They want God when they need Him.  They praise His name when they have been blessed with something good.  They pray to Him to remove them from adversity and tribulation.  They want God when it feels good.  I have seen too many times professing Christians asking “Lord, what can You do for me?”, rather than asking, “Lord, what can I do for You?”  When did it become a “ME! ME! ME!” attitude, as opposed to a “Hear I am LORD! Send ME!” attitude?

Professing to be a devout Christian now-a-days is not the Politically Correct thing to be, especially if you are on fire for the Lord.  Delivering His Word and His Message is a strict NO-NO in today’s society.  We are asked all the time to be silent. Worship God, but don’t talk about it.  Friends, my heart cries out at the times we are living in! When I was in school, we spoke about God! Most of my teachers were saved by His Grace.  Those teachers who had not found salvation didn’t say anything against God, including the one teacher I had in High School that was a Lesbian. We prayed at assemblies; we prayed when we lost students who left this world too young; we prayed when we struggled; we prayed at football games.  We attended each other’s churches and youth events and we sang right there in school with no fear of the PC police taking us away.

So why now has the name of Jesus became a dirty word? Why is the world so fearful of the One who came to save us? The question that burns most on my mind is WHY have parents allowed this to happen?  Statistics show that over 80% of the United States claims to be an evangelical Christian.  Yes, you read that correctly, 80%!  If we have 80% of the population who are Evangelical Christians, why are we (collectively) allowing the remaining 20% of the population to dictate what is allowed and not allowed in public?  Why are we not taking the bull by the horns (so to speak) and saying “NO MORE!!!”  Why is the war on Christians being allowed to continue?

The other day we had our ladies mission meeting at church and I suggested we start a Bible club at the local school.  I was told we cannot because of state law.  Unless a child comes to an adult in a school here, it is illegal to speak to them about God.  My friends, I realize this is one of the most liberal states in the US, but how did we get to this point? How do we encourage our children to be the salt and the light when their lips are glued together, then taped and stapled shut by state law and the fear of suspension because they said the words “Christian”, “God”, “Jesus”, or “Salvation”?  How do we reach children about the Good News when the world says NO? Statistics also prove that reaching children at a young age for Christ has the best results for them remaining in church and raising their own families in church.

I have included a few references taken from  this article.  Please take a moment to read them.:

-An elementary school in North Carolina ordered a six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem that she wrote to honor her two grandfathers that had served in the Vietnam War.

-The Ohio Statehouse banned Christian pastors from using the name of Jesus when they open up the daily sessions with prayer.

-The use of the name of Jesus was also forbidden in all  opening session prayers of the North Carolina State-House.

-Last year, a federal appeals court ruled that prayers before commission meetings in Forsyth County, North Carolina, that included the name of Jesus were unconstitutional.

-Earlier this year, a Florida Atlantic University student that refused to stomp on the name of Jesus was banned from class.

-A student at Sonoma State University was ordered to take off a cross that she was wearing because someone “could be offended“.

-A teacher in New Jersey was fired for giving his own Bible to a student that did not own one.

-An open air preacher in Illinois was recently threatened with arrest for “scaring people” with the message of the gospel.

-A high school track team was disqualified earlier this year because one of the runners “made a gesture thanking God” once he had crossed the finish line.

-Volunteer chaplains for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have been banned from using the name of Jesus in their public prayers.  Sadly, this is not an isolated incident.  Chaplains all over the nation are now being banned from using the name of Jesus.

-In recent months, daredevil Nik Wallenda has walked a tightrope across Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, yet both times the mainstream media has gone out-of-the-way to keep the name of Jesus out of news reports…Despite Nik Wallenda’s frequent mentions of God the Father and Jesus during his high-wire crossing of Niagara Falls Friday night, an ABC News blog documenting virtually every moment of the achievement makes no mention of his verbal thanks to the Creator.

Wallenda, 33, the great-grandson of legendary tightrope walker Karl Wallenda, walked across Niagara Falls on a high wire, as hundreds watched on TV at a block party in his Florida hometown of Sarasota, Fla., and millions of others tuned in for ABC television coverage.  Wallenda was fitted with a microphone during his tension-filled, 25-minute saunter at 200 feet high, and he could be heard praising God numerous times as he walked the length of four football fields from New York to Canada.

My friends, this is just a small glimpse of what is going on in America. Tomorrow, I will have more details in part 2 of this. Please subscribe so you don’t miss out.  I would love you to join me in learning to become a more intentional Christian in a politically correct world. I will be talking more about what is going on in our world and what we as Christians can do to share the gospel of Christ right now.

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