Back To Homeschool: Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Can you believe we are almost ready for back to school? If you are a homeschooling family, you might be on the hunt for some back to homeschool math curriculum for special needs. Teaching Textbooks is an excellent resource for a child who needs visual learning to grasp and understand the subject in a way they can process. 

Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Homeschooling is hard enough on its own, but when you add in special needs it can be challenging for the parent(s) to find a curriculum that works well with the child. Teaching Textbooks understands this quandary and has created curriculum for auditory processing issues, Aspergers, Autism and more. My son is on the 4th level and he has an auditory processing disorder and has begun to excel with Teaching Textbooks 3.0. They teach so he can understand and process the information that makes sense to him.



What Is Teaching Textbooks 

If this is the first time hearing of Teaching Textbooks, you’re in for a treat. If you’re familiar with Teaching Textbooks, you’re in for a treat, too. It is a math curriculum that was created to help children learn and excel from elementary up to high school levels. You can access everything online and your child can log in and work their way through the course. If you find your child is struggling with an area, the parent can log in, delete it and allow them to try again. 


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Can A Special Education Student Be Homeschooled 

Absolutely! You might find that taking the time to homeschool a child with special needs might benefit the most from homeschooling. One-on-one tutoring and teaching exceedingly benefits a special needs child greatly and allows the parent to create a system that works perfectly to enhance the child’s learning. 

I think there is a stigma saying you can’t homeschool a child with a special need and that is so beyond false. It might take more trial and error, and patience, but in the end it is the most rewarding thing. 

My oldest son, who is accomplishing Teaching Textbooks 3.0 for High School, is diagnosed with ADHD and I cannot tell you how much of a blessing using Teaching Textbooks 3.0 has been for him.

My middle son, who has the auditory processing disorder, has also benefited from Teaching Textbooks!


Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Math Curriculum For Special Needs

So how does Teaching Textbooks fit the math curriculum for special needs? Visual or auditory learners will excel with this system. It is a program that fits their specific needs so that they can achieve success. I love how the creators made sure to cover every learning type.

In my opinion through trial and error with numerous curriculum, Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is an excellent resource for any learning type. In my experience with this resource, all three of my children are excelling. Two of my have different needs and teaching styles and seeing both thrive with this company has just been amazing.

The creators took their time so that any child can be set up for success with this curriculum. 

Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Recognize Your Child’s Needs

Homeschooling allows you to zone in on your child’s exact needs. You can then work around finding a curriculum that caters to their learning style. That is why Teaching Textbooks fits all three of my son’s needs. It is worth trying if you have struggled in the past with math because this subject can tend to be difficult for most kids. 

How Long Are The Lessons 

Lessons are rather fast. If your child struggles with sitting still or focusing for long periods of time, you might appreciate this curriculum.  If you need to work in shorter sessions, this is a great lesson program. Plus the lessons are fun and it seems more of a game for your child rather than working on school work. 


Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

How Can I Check My Child’s Grades Online 

You log in as the parent and you can access all the lessons your child has taken. Then you can see what they are having issues with, grades, and more. You can even edit the lessons if you want your child to re-work any lessons. This curriculum is completely hands-on for parents in terms of monitoring the progress of your child.  I have personally logged in and deleted lessons my kids did that I felt they needed additional work on. They repeated the lesson and it clicked!

Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs


Questions To Consider Before Investing In Curriculum for Special Needs 

  • Look into how much preparation comes with lessons. Do you have to have a presentation with each lesson, or is it all online? 
  • Make sure you take time to look over the student lessons and the parent portal. Can you can easily navigate the program? 
  • If you were to need help with the program, what type of support or tech help does the homeschool curriculum offer? 


Why I Recommend Teaching Textbooks For Homeschool Curriculum For Special Needs 

I have two kids who are considered to have special learning needs and I was close to giving up when I came across this curriculum. The lessons make it easy for my child to understand and thrive in math. You can find this curriculum covers from elementary to high school age

Currently I have three kids using Teaching Textbooks 3.0. My youngest does not have any special learning needs, yet this program is even perfect for him too. He loves it!

We have all found success in this program. This is our second full year using Teaching Textbooks 3.0 and there’s no turning back for us. We are completely satisfied!


Back To Homeschool Math Curriculum For Special Needs

Traveling and Teaching Textbooks

The ability to travel and still keep up on lessons is amazing with this curriculum. We were a military family for many years. Although my husband just retired a few years ago, Teaching Textbooks 3.0 would have come in handy during those days! We use it now because we still love to travel though! In fact, we have a trips out west, to Niagra Falls, and down south planned. With the ease of Teaching Textbooks 3.0, my kids will not get behind at all! I even have wifi in the van now, so they can work on their Math and travel, too.


Math Curriculum For Special Needs

If you haven’t given Teaching Textbooks 3.0 a try, you really should! They have great prices and family plans available if you have multiple kiddos! There’s a FREE TRIAL that you can sign up for! YAY! Also, I am blessed to be able to giveaway one subscription! Read on below for details…..






***This post was sponsored by Teaching Textbooks. The opinions and thoughts expressed are mine and mine alone though. ***



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