Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Last Updated on February 24, 2020

Who here loves nachos?! These aren’t just any nachos…They’re Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos! (Whew, say that fives times fast!) 
Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos
I’m pretty much obsessed with these nachos for a wide variety of reasons but mainly because they’re gluten-free, soy-free, and low carb. Get outta town, right?! Being able to dive into a plate of Air Fryer nachos without feeling guilty or worried about anything has my attention all day, every day. 
I’m also loving the fact that these nachos taste like a Reuben, just without the bread. The taste and flavor really is spot on…so good!
I also have to pass on a bit of fun info that I found out about Irish Nachos. (You know I love to learn!) 

Who invented Irish Nachos?


Irish Nachos become a thing in 1980 when a local restaurant got a deep fryer and decided it was time to give it a go. (and honestly, isn’t that how most amazing recipes are created?!) 

What are chips in Ireland?

They’re basically the equivalent of our french fries but most commonly served with vinegar as well. Hence, the popular Fish and Chips recipe that you’ll find almost at every single pub that you wander into. 

Interesting, right? I always love finding out about different cultures and what they love to eat which is why this particular recipe really calls to me! It’s a staple in our house all year long but we eat it a lot during the St. Patrick holiday as well. 

Just in case you need to know how to heat up your leftovers, you’re going to love having these answers ahead of time. 

How do you reheat nachos in an air fryer?

A totally valid question and an important one if you have any of these delicious nachos left over. The easiest way to reheat them in your Air Fryer is to lay them out in a single layer and reheat for about 5 -6 minutes or so. The time may actually vary so just keep an eye on them and make a judgment call as you don’t want to overheat and burn. 

Can you heat up nachos in the microwave?

You sure can and this would be the quickest way to reheat your nachos. Just keep in mind that reheating in the microwave isn’t going to make your nachos crispy at all but instead probably a bit soggy. 

I wouldn’t recommend heating in the microwave unless you’re just really running low on time. 

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos


What is corned beef made of?

You’ve probably heard the term corned beef a lot but do you know what type of meat it’s even referring to? The cut of meat that corned beef is from is actually the brisket. It becomes corned beef due to the brining process and the combination of spices and ingredients that are added to give it that salty and delicious flavor. 

Can corn beef be cut and sliced in several different ways?

It can! And depending on who you talk to, you’ll get different preferences from each person.

Some people love their corned beef to be cut into big chunks to enjoy and chew on while others prefer it to be sliced thinly and applied to a sandwich. What I’ve found from making this Air Fryer recipe time and time again is that smaller chunks of meat add so much more flavor than trying to shred it or slice and add. 

Do you Rinse corned beef before cooking?

Typically, I don’t. The only time that I would ever really consider rinsing it before I cook it if it was pre-seasoned with something that I didn’t want to have on there. Otherwise, I season it myself and cook it up without the worry of washing it. People tend to have different opinions about this process so you’ll hear different theories on whether or not to wash or not. 

Why is corned beef called corned?

Have you ever wondered how corned beef got its name? It’s because it’s treated with very large granules of salt, which can also be referred to as “corns”. The more you know, right?! 

Who invented corned beef?

Corned beef has actually been around a lot longer than you might realize! It was formed way back in the 17th century by the British and has remained popular ever since! 

I really think that you’re going to love this recipe so let’s get right to how to make it! Now that your mind is full of knowledge, it’s time to figure out how to make this recipe so your belly can be full, too! 

Why did I pick Quest Chips For these Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos? 

That answer is simple. After my weight loss surgery, I knew that it would never work long term if I was not making lifestyle changes. Much to many’s dismay, weight loss surgery is NOT a quick fix. It is a tool. So how do you continue to eat some of your favorite foods and maintain your weight loss? My answer was to find ways to cook and prep favorites in a healthier, lower carb way.
I had heard about quest chips but hadn’t really tried them because, before weight loss, I just ate the real deal in chips. After weight loss surgery, I thought well why not give them a try! You never know! Well, I loved them! They are lighter and easier on your stomach and goodness, have you saw the nutrition label and read how much protein is in each bag?! I was blown away! They became a staple in my pantry and I am usually never without them. Believe it or not, you can actually use quest chips for multiple recipes! These amazing nachos are no exception.
What if you want to skip quest chips? No worries, my second recommendation would be a low sodium chip like Que Paso or Garden of Eden. They are lower in sodium than a lot of other nacho options. We LOVE them! 

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Serves – 4

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Ingredients to make Irish nachos

  • 2 (32 g) bags of Quest Protein Chips. (I used Nacho Cheese flavor)

  • 4 oz. of Swiss Cheese, grated

  • ½ cup of Sauerkraut squeezed dry

  • ½ pound deli-sliced Corned Beef, chopped into small bits

  • 1 tablespoon of sliced Green Onion to garnish

  • ½ cup of Homemade Keto Thousand Island Dressing to serve


Instructions to make air fryer nachos

Grate your swiss cheese, drain your sauerkraut & chop your corned beef into bits.

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Line the Air Fryer basket with foil and layer the chips in the basket.

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Evenly spread the cheese on top of the chips.

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Layer the sauerkraut and corned beef on top of the cheese and chips.

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Add remaining cheese on top.

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Air Fry and enjoy it!

As you can see from the recipe above, you’re going to have to do a little bit of prep work but I can assure you that it’s worth it! 

The homemade dressing is the perfect dipper or topper for these nachos, too. I always have some spicy foods prepped and ready too just in case someone wants to add a tad bit more heat and flavor to their dish! 

Make certain to check out some of my other great Air Fryer recipes as well. This Air Fryer Churro Chaffle is super yummy and low carb and makes a perfect morning breakfast! We also love these Air Fryer Mashed Potato Cakes!

Don’t forget to print out the recipe for later!

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Air Fryer Keto Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Yield: Serves 4


  • 2 (32 g) bags of Quest Protein Chips. (I used Nacho Cheese flavor)
  • 4 oz. of Swiss Cheese, grated
  • ½ cup of Sauerkraut, squeezed dry
  • ½ pound deli sliced Corned Beef, chopped into small bits
  • 1 tablespoon of sliced Green Onion to garnish
  • ½ cup of Homemade Keto Thousand Island Dressing to serve


  1. Prep work
  2. Grate half a bar (4 oz.) of Swiss cheese. 
  3. Place ½ cup of sauerkraut in a clean kitchen towel or cheesecloth and squeeze as much liquid as possible. 
  4. Chop of half a sliced corned beef into small bits
  5. Line the air fryer basket with foil and generously spray or brush with olive oil on all sides.
  6. Evenly layer the Quest protein chip in the air fryer basket.
  7. Next layer ¾ of the grated Swiss cheese on top of the Quest protein chips.
  8. Now layer the squeezed dried sauerkraut on top of the cheese layer.
  9. Finally, layer the chopped corned beef evenly over the sauerkraut layer.
  10. Sprinkle the remaining grated Swiss cheese on top of the corned beef layer.
  11. Air Fry at 350 for 8 minutes.
  12. Garnish with sliced green onion and serve immediately with Homemade Keto Thousand Island Dressing for dipping.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 526Total Fat: 42gSaturated Fat: 12gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 25gCholesterol: 99mgSodium: 1381mgCarbohydrates: 13gFiber: 2gSugar: 10gProtein: 24g

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