Must Have Items For Dogs On Your Homestead

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

Don’t miss out on these Must have items for the dogs on your homestead! Find out what you need to make them comfortable, happy, and healthy! 

Must Have Items For Dogs On Your Homestead

Dogs are a valuable asset on your homestead from companionship to guarding your livestock. When you get a new dog on your homestead you want to be sure you have everything they will need to be happy, healthy, and comfortable, both in your home as well as outside when they are working. This list will help you find the right supplies for your homestead dog. 

Must-have items for dogs on your homestead

All of these items are must-have items for dogs on your homestead to ensure that they are able to live their best life! 

Don’t miss out on these Must Have items For Dogs On Your Homestead

While flea, tick, and heartworm medications are important for all dogs, your canine companion will spend the majority of his or her time outside, in the woods, in the garden, with livestock, and/or around other animals on the homestead. These medications and treatments are extremely important for your dog. Your dog is not only a working member of your homestead but a trusted companion and friend that helps brighten your days. For a long healthy life, these preventive care medications are indispensable.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Large Dog, 45-88 Pounds, 8 Doses)


A watering system for your dog is a handy tool that can help ensure they are always comfortable. While you may have an easy time keeping the water bowl full inside the house, you should consider a watering system for hot summer days. This allows you to be confident that even while they are outside helping with work on the homestead, your dog can stay hydrated and healthy. You also want to ensure your dog’s water is in the shade. No one, including animals, likes drinking hot water. 

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Plenty of sturdy toys are essential for your homestead dog. Dog toys keep your rascals from chewing things they’re not supposed to and also teach them how to play. Toys also teach dogs how to scare off wild animals and keep nosy neighbors on their side of the acre. Be sure to grab extras of your dog’s favorite toys to ensure they are always on hand when you need them.


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Every dog deserves a nice comfortable place to rest. Particularly your hard-working homestead dog. Provide your dogs with a bed that they can rest on both in their dog house and inside the house. For outdoor areas, look for a raised cot that will not be damaged in the rain rather than a plush dog bed. If you bring your dog inside, ensure he or she has a plush dog bed or somewhere comfortable to rest. 

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Cooling Pads are a great way to help protect your dog from the summer heat. Keeping them around the house in your dog’s favorite places to rest, on their dog bed, and even in the dog house can help keep your dogs cooler in hot weather. This can be particularly important if your dog has a thick or double coat and will not be spending time in an air conditioner.

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Other items for your dog

If your dog will be spending most of their time indoors you will want to provide them with a dog crate. Dog crates are great for training your dogs but also acts as a den to give them their own space they can go to be away from others. While not all dogs like crates, it is essential to get them used to them when they’re inside. Train them young to get used to it when sleeping at night or when you need to crate them when you’re going to be gone for a few hours. 

SMONTER 38" Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen with Two Prevent Escape Lock, Large Dogs Cage with Wheels, Dark Silver

Even a pet dog needs a dog house on the homestead so they have a space to escape when they’re outside while you are working. Working dogs should be provided a dog house for shelter during inclement weather.

PawHut 67" Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch

Grooming supplies for your dog

We all want the best for our dogs whether they be pets, working dogs, or a combination of both on the homestead. Keeping basic grooming supplies on hand is essential. You’ll want flea and tick shampoos, brushes, and nail trimmers as well as specifically designed shampoo to clean away the smell of skunk from your dog. Dogs on homesteads tend to come in contact with wildlife more than the average dog and may end up encountering a skunk. It never hurts to be prepared.

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Along with all of the grooming supplies, you will want to have a dog bath handy. If you do not have a dog bath built into your mudroom, consider a pop-up dog bath or basin large enough to bathe your dog. Take it from personal experience, you don’t want to drag your dog through the house after they’ve rolled around in something they probably shouldn’t have.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large

Nutrition tips for your dog – Must have items for dogs on your homestead

Providing your homestead dog with quality nutrition is vital to keeping them strong and healthy. This is particularly important when your dog works hard on the homestead guarding or herding livestock as these tasks can really drain their energy resources. Speak with your dog’s veterinarian about what diet is best for your dog’s breed and the tasks they complete on the homestead. Food is fuel no matter how many legs we have.

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How to keep your dog safe when outside

Consider fencing to keep your dog in. Most homesteads have larger properties than the average home so fencing may be lacking. Consider your options for fencing your dog in if you do not already have fences to keep them in a safe space so they do not wander off chasing animals and get lost before they realize it. 

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What do you think of this list of Must-have items for dogs on your homestead? Would you add anything to this list? 

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