Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling


Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling 

If you journal you might really love what I am about to share! Each month I get a package that arrives at my doorstep full of awesome goodies to make journaling, that much more fun! 

Day Spring will ship out a little package to me each month and inside you will find all the things you need for your Bible journaling supplies! Now I journal, but not in my Bible, I use a separate journal, where I fill it with  Journal Through the Bible Scripture study each month, prayers, my thoughts, and more.

To use these items, doesn’t mean it has to be strictly used in your Bible!  In fact, I would love to see more of your creativity that is Bible focused and not in your Bible on my facebook group- 

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In your package of goodies, you might have some washi tape, stickers, tabs and tabbies for your Bible or journal, note cards and so much more. Each month it is like getting a Christmas gift, and feeling like a kid opening up my package to see what fun goodies are inside!

I love the surprise of not knowing exactly will be inside! I have to tell you all, how much I love their products! They are always such high quality and they really help dress up journaling, and allow you to really personalize your journal! It is great for all ages, even teens love journaling with all these fun add ons! 

Here is a sneak peek of this months Illustrated Faith kit-


In the video, you will see all the items I got in my package. It comes in a little case, which can be used for other things once you are done. I love the little note card that you can write on and then use washi tape and tape into your journal, stick it on a mirror as a reminder or anything else you want.

I love writing scriptures out on cards like this, and then placing in my bedroom to look at to remind me when I am trying to memorize new scriptures!

Another place I love to leave the cards that come in the kit, are in my War Room to remind me of areas that need more prayer & seeking! The one card says, “How has God made you most creative?” This is a great writing prompt, you can use to get you started. 

The “Created to Create 2” kit includes:

  • 1 Note Card from Shanna
  • • 3 heart-shaped tip-ins
  • • Small stamp set
  • • Roll of Washi Tape
  • • 21 paper pieces
  • • 2 sticker sheets
  • • 4 devotional cards
  • • 4 journaling cards

By the way- if you haven’t checked out the Bible in the picture above– you should ASAP! This is the brand new She Reads Truth Bible. It has columns for illustrating and taking notes as well! I JUST got this Bible and cannot wait to use my brand new Illustrated Faith kit with it!


CSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouchCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouchCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Brown Genuine LeatherCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Brown Genuine Leather

DaySpring Illustrated Faith Starter Kit, For Christian Bible StudyDaySpring Illustrated Faith Starter KitDaySpring Illustrated Faith - Designer Clips - Seeds of Faith (BB1469)DaySpring Illustrated Faith – Designer ClipsDaySpring Inspirational Colorful Bible Books TabsDaySpring Inspirational Colorful Bible Books Tabs

Writing Prompt Inspiration Cards 

There is another card  in the kit that says, “How has God made you most creative?” This is another great writing prompt. Using this prompt you can journal on how you feel God has made you most creative!

With these cards and stickers and stuff that come with it, you might find it helps inspire you to write! I know sometimes I sit down and draw a blank on what I want to write for that day! 

Day Spring also has some amazing wall decor, stationery, journaling Bibles, cards and so much more. You truly can find items for yourself and perfect gifts for loved ones when you shop online! 

This month with the kit you can also buy  Shanna’s Favorites – Watercolor Set – these will be marked down to only $10 during the sale. Speaking of sale- don’t forget to check out the sale page this month! I was on there earlier and decided now is the perfect time to start Christmas shopping! 

In Awe,


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  1. Have you tried journaling directly in the SRT Bible? I’m looking for a new journaling Bible in which I can use acrylic paint, stamping, and distress ink in addition to stickers and pens. Some of the reviews I have read suggest that the SRT paper may be too thin for this purpose. Thanks for any insight you can shed.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      I have used it to journal and it does wonderfully. I have two copies, the blue leather one and also the melon colored hard back and love them both.

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