How The Total Transformation Program Is Helping Our Family-Part 1

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Total Transformation Program

How the Total Transformation Program Is Helping Our Family

Several years ago we were embarking on the worst behavioral, sleep, and sensory issues my oldest has faced and challenged us with.  As my husband and I were trying to deal with these challenges, my mom and I stumbled upon a program called The Total Transformation Program.  We read it over and doubted the success of this program, especially for my son.  We considered it to be a program of empty promises and tossed it aside and eventually forgot about it.  Recently, we were were going through some tough issues with my oldest.  I posted recently THIS post.  It was around that time my mom was listening to the radio and heard about the program again. She was very excited about what she heard and contacted Total Transformation and ordered the program right away.

The day the program arrived in the mail, I tore open the packages it arrived in and started looking over all the information. I felt hope. I spoke with my husband about it and he said he was for sure on board with trying this program out.  I knew that it wouldn’t work at all if we were divided or if he was unwilling to participate.  However, he loves our son and he knows that reaching our son can be a daunting task because he is so different than other kids.  We were both excited to find out about a program that could possibly teach us how to better reach our son.

Prior to this program, we were working with an ABA therapist.  The therapists taught us many coping skills that helped us to better parent our child.  The addition of an ABA therapist was wonderful and almost everything that was implemented for our son worked…..for awhile.  He is so high functioning and because of this, he has unique challenges and the ABA eventually stopped working.

The Total Transformation Program is a breath of fresh air.

We have not gone through the entire program just yet.  It is recommended that we take some time in between lessons in order to practice what the program has taught us.  Think of it as baby steps.   We also have have some homework of our own that comes with the program.  This extra work is important for us through the program because it will help us achieve the most from it.

I love and respect the story of the creator of this program, Dr. Lehman.  He isn’t one of these psychologists we always hear about or have experienced that sits high on the mountain and recommends books or medication.  He created this program from his own experiences as a psychologist and as a troubled youth.  Unfortunately, Dr. Lehman hit rock bottom during his troubled years.  Fortunately for my husband and me, Dr. Lehman hit rock bottom during his troubled youth.  Through these experiences, he gained the knowledge to help others. Dr. Lehman’s experiences travels to places that I wouldn’t want for my son.   Listening to his story I cried.  However, God turned a bad situation into a blessing for parents like you and me.

I am not sure if your aware, but The Total Transformation program can be obtained for free, if you complete it within 360 days.  I urge you to check out this program!

So far, what we have learned has been wonderful! Here is a breakdown of the program and examples of how it has helped us:

  • The first DVD it is an introduction to Dr Lehman and to the program. You also get to hear some wonderful stories by other parents. Hearing some of the behaviors that have been overcame is very motivating to me.
  • We had to complete several check-lists prior to the lessons.  These check-lists are very helpful because it helps us to get to know our child better.
  • During the first lesson, we learned “Why Does My Child Act This Way?” I was blown away.  I was able to put names with behaviors and actions. This is something I wasn’t able to do before and for some reason, I have no idea why, but this was helpful to me. We went through a character profile of our oldest and learned what we needed to focus on first. This gave us a plan.
  • In the second lesson, we learned “Why Won’t My Child Listen To Me? This one got me. We learned about Ineffective Parenting Roles.  When we first started I was looking for a place to hide:). It was very interesting to learn about changes that we could start making in ourselves and our parenting to be able to reach our son more effectively.  One of the things that stuck with me so much was this, ineffective parenting roles do not promote change, and are often the result of a parent not becoming the type of parent their child needs them to be.  Although they don’t realize it, parents have two choices when confronted with difficult children: to continue to parent as if their child is the child they dreamed of parenting, or to develop the skills necessary to parent the child they actually have. OUCH! Very powerful!!!

I know I have only gave you two lessons, so come back next week and I will discuss some more lessons and more on how this program is helping our son and our whole family!

In the meantime, let me share a book that I read recently that really has helped as well. The Defiant Child-this book is excellent! I kept shaking my head YES as I read through this.  It was like the author knew my child! I cannot say enough about this book for dealing with tough behavioral problems. Check it out! I think you will like it too.



***I am NOT affiliated with The Total Transformation Program in any way. They have not asked me for a review and I am not being compensated for this post. I am just a mom sharing an opinion on something that is working in our family. ***

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  1. Before I had children, I heard about this program bc my mom had actually known and worked with Dr. Lehman. I have heard about it a lot recently and really have wondered if it would help with our oldest. Like yours, he is very high functioning, with some very unique challenges. It is hard, and scary, and hard! I will be continuing to follow this, as I continue to pray about whether we should try it. I will also add your family to my prayer list.

  2. I have heard of this program and was excited to hear that it was free. My 8 year old daughter puts me through some trials every day and I am at my wit’s end. Once I call though they tell me that I need to pay for this. The person I talked to about it wasn’t too helpful so we put it on the back burner. Meanwhile our problems at home are not getting resolved. How does the payment/free option work with the program? I am a single mom so buying this upfront and receiving a refund later won’t help me too much. I can’t afford anything but bills right now and I cannot afford to make new bills. Please let me know how this works out. I keep praying this will some how find it’s way to me and I saw your post. 🙂

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