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Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Heart to Home

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet husband entered me in THIS contest sponsored by Family Christian Bookstores.  The rules of the contest were to write a blog stating what it would mean to me if I won among other things.  My husband decided to write a blog post stating what it would mean to him if I won.  I am excited to share with you all that I won!  So what exactly is the Heart to Home Conference?

Dr. Joneal Kirby is the founding director of Heart to Home.  Heart to Home is a multi-generational mentoring program based on the teachings of Titus 2:3-5.  She is a well-known conference speaker who has presented at numerous church events for over 25 years and all over the country from Malibu, California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She speaks on topics ranging from Biblical womanhood to teaching on marriage and family issues.  This conference is for women of all ages and gives them the opportunity to connect, refresh and encourage spiritual growth and development.  The Heart to Home conference began in 2003 as a way for women to connect and form meaningful relationships that last.

Heart to Home Conference poster

Who will be speaking?  Ladies, if you can attend this event, you should!  You will be blessed by wonderful Christian speakers such as:

  • Dr Joneal Kirby
  • The Women of Duck Commander
  • Jase Robertson
  • Mary Beth Chapman
  • Tammy Daughtry
  • Pat Domanque
  • Leslie Fullmer
  • Jana Jackson
  • Josh Kirby
  • Trenton Langhofer
  • Dr Jared Pingleton
  • Jenny Remsburg
  • Emily Chapman Richards
  • Mia Robertson
  • John Rosemond

I am in a state of euphoria anticipating the start of this event.  I am excited to have the opportunity to meet the wonderful speakers of this event, the guests attending, the Duck Commander Wives and I am most excited about getting refreshed and encouraged in God’s Word.  Since I won this event through the contest sponsored by Family Christian Bookstores, I get the platinum ticket package.  This package includes VIP treatment, a tour of Duck Commander and lunch at Willie’s Duck Diner.  I love trying new places to eat and because it is Duck Commander, that is an added bonus!  My oldest isn’t as excited as I am because he wants to go, too!  He keeps threatening to hide away in my suitcase!  HA!

Since I’ll be driving down to Monroe, I also plan to make a pit stop at the Robertson’s oldest daughter’s, Rebecca, clothing store.  I can not express in words how grateful I am for all of you who commented on the contest post, shared, pinned, liked, or just rooted for me.  God has truly blessed me with this trip and after this past year, I really need it.  I am looking forward to this opportunity with great anticipation!

So if you can, get your tickets and come out and join me!  If you cannot, did you know that you can also view the conference by simulcast?  It is a WIN WIN!!!

Also, below you can get the official book of the conference:

Ducks and God….QUACK QUACK! 🙂

In Christ,


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