Habits of a Humble Person

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

Habits of a Humble Person

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. 1 Peter 5:6 

Recently a conversations came up about something I had achieved. The person was asking me if I was proud of myself? That can be a tricky question.

I believe we should be proud of ourselves in the sense that we take whatever the task the Lord hands us and handles it with proudness that encourages us to do ALL things as unto the Lord. Not in a pride sense of it being “all about me” or boasting.

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A few years ago when we were in Washington my husband and I sung a song in church and the words struck a cord with me back then. So as I was thinking about this conversation, I reflected on that song. I also got out my Bible and decided to see exactly what the Lord had to say about this topic. 

(Take a listen to our Dove Award winning performance! LOL Ok, it was terrible!)

I wanted to share some habits of a humble person that I came across in my studies. I find being humble a beautiful and strong way to live your life.

We live in a world that is often entitled and more concerned about what is received. Finding a person that exudes themselves to have humble characteristics is rare. I don’t want something I have done to cause me to forget from whence I came. 

The Bible is filled with scriptures describing how we are to humble ourselves (Philippians 2:3-11). Being humble is something that can take some time to develop, while others seem that it comes naturally to them.

To help you identify what a humble person exudes, check out these habits of a humble person below. You might read through this list and find that you have characteristics of a humble person or the list might strike a nerve on a characteristic that you want to work on. 

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Characteristics Of A Humble Person 

  • Doesn’t Take Offense 

When someone gives feedback to someone who is humble, they walk graciously and accept what someone says, even if a negative statement is made. They do not snap back with a comment that could be equally harsh.

Instead, they could say something like, “Thank you for the feedback, I will pray about it.” They don’t easily take offense (2 Chronicles 7:14) to what others say as they know where their truth lies.

Y’all, I know the struggle is real with this one. If I am honest, I will say that over the years I have grown in this area. However, I am still very much a work in progress! Everything in my flesh screams “REACT!”

  •  Kind to Everyone 

Glen Campbell sang a song about showing kindness to everyone. We can all learn a lot from his lyrics. We are to love every single person no matter their status, wealth, skin color, background or religious preference. We are to be kind regardless. 

  • Serve the Lord and Others 

When we take the time to do God’s work we serve others (Colossians 3:12). We take our time and put it to helping someone in need for no other reason but to show love and help someone.

This is great for those who do mission work, cook a dinner for a friend who lost a loved one, helps in church, volunteer in the community and much more. When you are humble you are willing to do any work that you feel would help someone else. In order to lead, we must learn to serve. 

  • Grateful Spirit 

Be grateful for all the gifts the Lord has blessed you with over your life. We don’t deserve the love and kindness we received from God and we should always find a way to be grateful! When you are humble, you find a way to look at things with a grateful heart.

  • Admits Wrong Doing

When we do something we know isn’t right we are able to admit our wrong doings easily. It is hard to live a life of admitting that we did something wrong, but at the end of the day we know telling the truth and apologizing is the right thing to do. Humility is confessing our sins to God and knowing we are forgiven (Psalm 51:2-4). 

  • Accepts Any Position 

Sometimes we all think we are entitled when it comes to working or being a part of events. We want to have the highest position (Luke 14:8) because we feel we deserve.

When you are humble you accept with honor to do any position that is asked of you. This can be for any task at hand, helping in the church, what you do at work, events at home, and more. 

  • A Good Friend 

When you have a humble personality you work hard at maintaining healthy and positive relationships with your friends. That means if your friend is going through something, you sit and listen and offer positive and healthy advice. That doesn’t mean that at times you do not have to set boundaries. However, at the end of the day friends are so very important. 

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