Ways To Grow in God’s Word This Summer

If you’re looking for ways to grow in God’s word this summer, make certain to read the post all the way through. With a little bit of action on your part, you can make this summer your most productive growth period yet! 

ways to grow in gods word this summer

Ways To Grow in God’s Word this Summer

One of my goals for the summer, er, my most important goal this summer, is learning new ways to grow in God’s Word. Not only do I want to grow, but I also want my children to flourish in their faith as well. I have created a fun system where my children get to spend time with me in God’s Word. We can grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord and my kids have fun doing it. 

Those days where I’m not fed by the word I find myself mentally and physically exhausted. Taking care of kiddos is hard work and I need the Bible to feed my soul, help me find peace amidst the chaos, and walk in love. Let me share what my plans are for the summer for my kids and myself! You might want to give it a try as well. 

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Growing In God’s Word This Summer Break 

During the school year, many churches offer youth groups for young kids to come and connect with kids their age, learn about God, and work at growing in their walk with the Lord.

During the summer months, the majority of churches don’t offer such groups for younger kids and teens to take part in. Vacation Bible School is the only thing many churches offer, and it is normal for a week or a few days. So how do you help your child get fed by the word during the summer months? 

Ways To Grow in God's Word This Summer

National Bible Bee For Youth

We have registered our boys to participate in the Bible Bee this year. The National Bible Bee Game Show is a wonderful tool for youth. Your kids get to memorize and study God’s Word and then head to different locations to take part in a Bible Bee to see what they have memorized and compete for prizes. As adults, we know the prize at the end of this race is a deeper relationship with our Lord and eternal life in His Holy presence when He calls us home. Children haven’t quite entered that level of maturity just yet. So competing for prizes while studying God’s infallible word is motivation for them to develop a deeper closeness to God. 

It is a creative and fun way for your child to work hard at memorizing scriptures and grow in their faith and compete for prizes. Kirk Cameron is hosting the National Bible Bee Game Show where 72 youth will showcase what they have memorized and apply it to the Bible studies for cash. The Bible Bee has $270,000 in prize money that they are giving away. I think that is pretty awesome! 

Ways To Grow in God's Word This Summer

Ways To Grow in God's Word This Summer

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The CSB Study Bible For Women, Light Turquoise/Sand HardcoverThe CSB Study Bible For Women, Light Turquoise/Sand Hardcover


Going Deeper For Women 

The CBS Study Bible for Women is what I am reaching for to read and grow in my faith while my kid’s study for the Bible Bee. It is a wonderful study Bible to read the word of God in simpler terms (without sacrificing clarity) than other versions of the Bible.

This CBS Study Bible also has profiles for characters to better understand them, charts, and even a section that includes hard questions. I find the hard questions section to be beneficial no matter what part of the Lord’s walk I’m in.

It helps to truly grasp what I’m reading and be challenged when reading the scriptures laid out in front of me. When I pick up my Bible to read, I want to understand the message. The CBS Study Bible for Women helps me to accomplish this task tremendously. 

Ways To Grow in God's Word This Summer

When my kids sit down to memorize their verses, I can sit quietly with them and follow a reading plan or Bible study plan that allows me to get fed the same way my kids are being fed. It is an excellent way for us to pass some time in a useful and beneficial way.

I can’t use the excuse that I don’t have time. I give my children something to work on while I nourish my soul with the Word of God. One of my favorite features out of MANY in this Bible is the word study feature. Take a look- 

Ways To Grow in God's Word This Summer

Here’s a video with more information about the CSB Bible:

Take time to consider making Bible study of the utmost importance for you and your family. Make it a goal to grow and develop a strong and lasting relationship with the Lord. When we read deeper in the Bible and apply those scriptures to our lives, we will find our walk grows stronger.

The words we are reading can be applied to our everyday life and situations around us. I want to instill a strong relationship with the Lord at a young age for my children so they can have the tools for success later in life. I also want them to have the knowledge to defend their faith and their beliefs. 



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