Frugal Friday: Homeschooling For Less-Buying Books

Homeschooling For Less

Homeschooling For Less – Buying Books

When we first started homeschooling we had two bookcases and a third half bookcases full of books. However, we won’t talk about the 12 cases I had stored in the garage lol.  I admit it, I am a book addict, I love reading and always have. My mom always made sure we had plenty of good books around us and a lot of trips to the library! Because of my love for books, I began reading to my babies while they were still in my belly. Many years late, and a few  13 bookcases later, ALL 3 boys are reading and ALL 3 love books.

Well over time the expense of books adds up so I have had to learn some frugal ways to save our family money.  Here are some that I have used:

  • Ebay– believe it or not ebay is a great place to get both used books and curriculum
  • Here in Washington we have a FABULOUS homeschool consignment shop called Homeschool Potpourri-I LOVE this place!!! I have saved so much money there since we have been stationed here.
  • Amazon– I do not know how I would survive without my Amazon account
  • Used Book and Curriculum Fairs-I love going to these! Most libraries have sells each year, call yours to find out when it is:).
  • Library and Educational Services-I have loved everything I have got from them. You can score some great deals!!!
  • Goodwill-Here in WA there are a lot of homeschoolers, so our Goodwill always has an amazing selection of books.  I try to go when they are having other sells AND they also give a military discount on certain days. So I can usually save ALOT there.

Homeschooling For Less Homeschooling For Less

(Here are pictures of our local Goodwill…..this is just a small glimpse of the wonderful books! Their selection is great!)

Homeschooling For Less

( This is a huge box of books I bought at Homeschool Potpourri and Goodwill. I saved literally several hundred dollars)

What are some ways you have found to save money on homeschool books?

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