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Have you heard of Forbrain by Forbrain-Sound for Life LTD?  If not, I have an exciting review to share with you!

If you’re like me, I asked myself, “What is Forbrain?”  This is a device that is used to help assist in auditory processing.  It does this by using bone conduction.  A fun fact is that our body actually processes sound by seeing and feeling.  Normally we hear more than we feel, but with Forbrain, it enables you to feel and hear—making it much easier to process information!  This technique helps with attention, memory, and sensory processing!  Do you have a child with ADHD/ADD?  I do!  This can help with that as well!  When you pull Forbrain out of the box you will see that it looks like a set of headphones.  These aren’t your average headphones you purchase from a store.  The headphones also have an adjustable mic and the carrying case is sturdy.

Forbrain is used to:

  • improve attention
  • improve concentration
  • improve verbal working memory
  • improve short-term memory
  • improve speech and communication

Here is a video to show you more

It is extremely difficult to watch your child struggle with what seems to be simple tasks.  I know this because we have lived it with my middle son.  This is the major reason I was thrilled with the opportunity to review this!


How we used it:

It is recommended to use Forbrain for 6 to 10 weeks and 10 to 30 minutes a day.  We started out by using this product approximately 10 minutes a day and built up to 30 minutes.  Since we had six weeks to review the product, I plan to continue to use this for the full 10 weeks.  I tried Forbrain on my middle son as he’s the one with the auditory troubles.  We used it while he was reading aloud.  The recommended time for him worked out well and we continued to build up slowly.  I like to think of it like going to the gym.  You start out small and gradually work up to longer workouts.  Forbrain works the same way since it exercises your child’s nervous system.

Lastly, Forbrain is excellent for any age!  Children of all ages can use the device and so can adults!  I hope you give this a try.  We are seeing great results and I think you will, too.

In Christ,



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