Five Home Professional Numbers You Always Need On Hand

Problems can arise even in the nicest of homes, but having these five home professional numbers on hand is a necessity. Knowing who to call in an emergency is the first important step to protecting your home and family.

Five Home Professional Emergency Numbers You Need on Hand

Everyone knows homes require maintenance from time to time and few maintenance emergencies have the ability to strike fear into a homeowner. But when one of those emergencies does occur, it will require a prompt response in order to minimize damage.

I’m not referring to a catastrophic event such as a fire, tornado, flood or you’re getting struck by a rogue meteor, but rather the emergencies that occur to the structure or equipment required to make a house comfortable and livable.

Keeping these five home professional emergency numbers tucked away in your cell phone contact list will keep you better prepared to react quickly in any crisis.

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HVAC Specialist

It always seems that the furnace breaks on the coldest night of the year or the air conditioner chooses the middle of a heat wave to take some time off. That is why you should have an HVAC Specialist’s number handy at all times.

Most of these professionals are available 24/7 for emergencies since, oddly enough, so many of them appear to happen outside of normal hours. Depending on the hour, they may not respond immediately, but one you can trust will usually respond within a short amount of time.

We happen to love our HVAC specialist. His business, Hometown Comfort, is located right here in Spring Hill. He is also a military Veteran. Not only am I supporting a small business, I’m supporting a Veteran owned business. He is fair and honest and he is our go-to HVAC specialist for as long as he’s in business.


A glass glazier is a home professional emergency numbers often overlooked but should keep on hand. Your home’s windows have many natural predators that are waiting to add some extra ventilation to your home.

It may be the local kids playing baseball or a rock that becomes a missile when shot out of a lawnmower. Hail, high winds, or even tree limbs can break your windows at any time. Having a reliable glazier on your emergency call list is common sense.


There are many elements that can take years off the life of a roof. Heavy rains, winter snow storms, hail, falling branches, and the natural wear and tear can lead to an unexpected leak or worse. Do your homework ahead of time and get the number of a trusted local roofer.

n the event something happens to your roof, you can expect a quick response. Even if its only to provide a quick fix and stop any potential water damage until actual repairs can be accomplished, your peace of mind, and your house, will thank you.


Losing your electricity from time to time may seem like a minor triviality, but it could also be a warning of more serious issues in your home. With all of the electrical appliances we have these days, refrigerators, ovens, computers, gaming systems and everything in between, it’s easy to overload your home’s electrical system.

A trained electrician can do a full inspection of your home’s electrical distribution system and make recommendations to keep the lights on and your family safe.


Nothing can damage your home and belongings faster than water. A broken pipe, damaged plumbing fixture, or a backed-up drain need to be handled as quickly as possible.

Water damage can cause structural problems for your home and can cost thousands of dollars if left unattended. A licensed plumber you can reach at any hour is worth its weight in gold.

Final Thoughts

These five home professional emergency numbers have been listed here to help you handle household emergencies. But there is one other number which should be kept on your contact list as well.

That is your insurance agent. They are often trained to help you deal with these emergencies and can offer additional guidance to you, as well as advising you on what costs may or may not be covered under your policy. If you are in Tennessee, we recommend Scott Bond with Tennessee Farm Bureau.

With just a little advanced preparation, you can feel confident that no matter what emergency arises, you can handle it. Your home and your family will thank you!

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