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The Five Finger Prayer Method For Kids 

The five-finger prayer method is a great way to teach kids how to pray for their loved ones. Prayer is a conversation with God. When you teach your child to pray, it helps reinforce that relationship with God. As your child grows and begins to understand that God is always close and accessible through prayer, it will help to rely on our heavenly father as well as strengthen their walk of faith.

Create a strong prayer habit in your child’s early years and watch it last a lifetime. It will teach spiritual discipline, help them overcome obstacles in their lives, grow their faith, create a strong and lasting relationship with God, and so much more. This simple five-finger prayer guide is a simple way to teach your child how and whom to pray for. 

Five Finger Prayer Guide To Teach Kids to Pray

Have your child put their hands together to pray. Then each finger will represent people in our lives that we should pray for. 

Thumb| Your thumb is nearest to you. Pray for the people who are closest to you in your life. That can be siblings, parents, close relatives, etc. 

Pointer Finger| We use our pointer finger to point people in the right direction. Pray for those who teach, are doctors, and ministers. Doctors heal you, ministers teach you God’s word, and teachers, of course, teach and guide you as you grow. 

Tallest Finger| This is one that we are to be reminded of the leaders of our country, our president, business leaders, etc. We need to pray that God stays present in their decisions they make for our country. 

Ring Finger| The ring finger is the weakest finger. We are reminded to pray for the sick, hurting or troubled friends and family. Pray for those around the world that need help in hard times. 

Pinky Finger| The pinky finger reminds you to for yourself and your relationship with the Lord. Be sure to include any special prayers as well. 


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Can you believe it’s nearly October?! Here in the south it is still hotter than blue blazes! I love the warm weather, but my husband is ready to move north! Any who, we will be getting a new month regardless of the temperatures! With a new month, that means a new Bible study! WHOOHOO!

This month for our Journal Through the Bible study we are spinning off last month’s study. Last month we talked about Prayer and Making our house a War Room. This month we are going to study the book of James.

James is full of wisdom, guiding and instructing how to continue our battle through life’s trials. The book of James has always been a huge help and comfort in my life. I thought as we headed into fall and just before the holiday season, this would be a perfect time to finish up our War Room study for the month.

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Here are some of the books and resources I will be reading  and using during this month-

James - Bible Study Book: Mercy TriumphsJames – Bible Study Book: Mercy TriumphsLife Lessons: Book of James: Practical Wisdom (Life Lessons)Life Lessons: Book of James: Practical Wisdom (Life Lessons)James - Living a Life of Faith: A Bible Study for WomenJames – Living a Life of Faith: A Bible Study for WomenWord Writers®: James: Experience the Bible . . . Writing Word by WordExperience the Bible Writing Word by WordCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouchCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouchAccu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit (Pack of 6)Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit (Pack of 6)

I have another fantastic printable for you too and for 7 days (until the 6th of October) you can down load it for FREE using the code: james!!!  Just click the image below to go to the shop and grab it! 

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