Embracing Fall When You Don’t Celebrate Halloween {Printable}



This time of year can be a bit awkward if you do not participate in the Halloween festivities, specifically trick-or-treat.  Every store you walk into, including Christian ones, seem to have display aisles full of Halloween decor, costumes, trick-or-treat buckets, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, jack-o-lanterns and, well, stuff.  You spend time steering your kids clear of these aisles.  Then you spend the rest of the day answering the question, “Mommy why don’t we Celebrate Halloween?”  

Mommy, Why Don't We Celebrate Halloween?Mommy, Why Don’t We Celebrate Halloween?

It can be draining!  This was certainly me the first few years we decided to forgo participating in anything Halloween related.  Then I was reminded of a scripture….

To everything, there is a season…..Ecc 3:8

God created the seasons, and I was allowing Halloween or the lack of participating in Halloween, to steal my joy of this season.  Autumn or fall, whichever you call it, can be a glorious time!  Think about the artwork of God’s design!  The sheer beauty of the changing of the colors before they begin to fall.  Apple’s become ripe and is the perfect time to make apple butter and press apple cider!  Ok, we also have to admit it is also time for Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING right?  But then there are all those Halloween displays and decorations. Which are growing more horrific each year.

So, how can we embrace the beauty of the season God has given us, without giving in and celebrating a holiday we are convicted to avoid?  How can we have fun and be the salt and light without compromising? Here are some things our family has done over the years. [bctt tweet=”How can we have fun and be the salt and light without compromising?”]

Decorate!  No, not with spiders and witches or corpses.  There are so many beautiful fall decorations found in numerous stores and online venues.  It is super easy to decorate for the season without Halloween!  Here is a couple of ideas:

(You can order the sign above at Magnem Creations!)

Pumpkin Patches! Find out what pumpkin patches are out there that you and your family can visit.  Normally these places are not overly decorated for Halloween, and you can easily enjoy the beauty of the pumpkins without a lot of the other stuff!  Our family enjoys doing this each year.

Long Walks! Take long walks.  Enjoy the masterpiece of art God has created.  Get out and take a walk together as a family.  Enjoy the weather and the changing season.

LEAVES! Look for leaves!  As you venture out as a family, have the kids keep an eye out for leaves that are falling. Have them make a scrapbook of the leaves and look up which tree they came from.  This is fun and educational!

Have a fall party!  If you would like a list of some ideas, click HERE.

Fall Feasts and Harvest Parties!  Many churches have fall feasts and harvest parties.  We have participated in several of these over the years.  However, we are careful which ones we do participate in.  We won’t participate in ones labeled Trunk or Treat.  The name itself is just too similar to Trick or Treat for us.  The setup and “outreach” also isn’t much different than just going ahead and participating in Halloween itself.  We have elected to avoid these altogether.  This year we will take part in the Fall Festival at Grace Chapel.  No costumes are allowed, and we feel it is a very safe environment for our church family.

Focus on Reformation Day!  This is a big one for us!  We devote an entire study to remembering the Reformation instead of Halloween.  Some people I know even have reformation day celebrations!

PUMPKIN DECORATING!  We enjoy sitting out pumpkins.  Sometimes we paint them and other times we don’t.  We just do not carve them to look like some deranged jack-o-lantern.  We are careful, but pumpkins can be used as an excellent witnessing tool if done correctly!  Have you heard of the Pumpkin Gospel?  This is a great devotional I have used several times in AWANA and also with my own children.  When we do carve a pumpkin, we make crosses or other Christian symbols in order to be a witness.


The Pumpkin Patch Parable: Special Edition (Parable Series)The Pumpkin Patch Parable: Special Edition (Parable Series)The Pumpkin GospelThe Pumpkin Gospel


I have a FREE download of the pumpkin gospel.  Just click below to grab it! 

Remember, whatever you decided about October 31st, to do so with prayer, God’s Word, and to be the “Salt and Light.” For an update on our beliefs on Halloween, head over to read the post Why Christians Can Participate In Halloween.

In Awe,



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  1. I love to hand out Pass-it-Ons with Bible verses, coloring pictures with Bible verses and tracts if I can find good ones along with extra candy so each child is always excited to be given these. I’m hoping at praying God will begin a new work in the lives of some or all of these children through His Word 🙂

  2. Good for you – when my kids were younger we were torn too – but our church and other churches had wonderful fall festivals! And I love your decorations and love how you decorated the pumpkins! Looks like lots and lots of fun!

  3. This is such an encouraging and helpful post! Not celebrating Halloween definitely does not mean we can’t have a beautiful, fun-filled Fall. I know some friends who don’t celebrate Halloween who take their kids Christmas shopping on Halloween night instead! No crowds and you get a head start-fun tradition!

  4. We decorate for Fall with construction paper leaves, window cling leaves and such, harvest-y items, but no holloween things. We plan on making a scare crow for our garden (the we are planting because we live in Deep South Texas) and have been baking pumpkin muffin/cupcakes. This afternoon I found 2 Fall Collection books a 7 in 1 Little Critter book and a 3 in 1 Berenstain Bear book! I look through them first to make sure there weren’t any *holloween stories* which there weren’t and I was so happy! We finally have some Fall and Thanksgiving books to read during this lovely season!

    *There was only one mention of them getting a holloween pumpkin (I choose to omit that 1 holloween word from the story about apple picking and pumpkin picking) in a Little Critter Fall Festival story but that was as far as they took it.

  5. These are all great ideas for everyone! And I agree that Halloween seems to be getting more and more horrific year after year!

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