What Exactly IS CBD Oil


There is such a strong stigma around CBD oil vs. THC and what components are in what. I wanted to share this with you to help break that stigma and bring awareness to CBD oil. Researchers have found that CBD oil offers therapeutic uses in many disorders and conditions. This product is a life changer for so many, whether you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, pains and aches that won’t go away, inflammation and more. CBD oil is legal and the oil we use and sell contains no THC and is natural.


What Exactly Is CBD Oil 

CBD oil is one of the active compounds in the plant that are called cannabinoids. The company we use  does not have the THC, the stuff that makes people high. However, there are around 60 cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant, and THC is only one compound. That is the psychoactive compound that you don’t want, and thankfully our CBD oil contains none of it.

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Is CBD Oil Marijuana? 

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in marijuana. Marijuana contains both THC and CBD but they have different compounds that offer different effects. With CBD oil they make it without the THC. THC is well-known for the “high” effect that you get from marijuana. 

THC is either broken down by heat and gets either smoked or cooked in foods. CBD contains no THC. Therefore, it not psychoactive and legal for anyone to buy. CBD is used for medicinal options, not for anything else.

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How Can You Use CBD Oil 

You can use CBD oil in so many different ways. You can take it orally, rub on the skin, inhale through vapors, soak in the bath, and more. 

Medical properties have been found that can help with seizures, help reduce the spread of cancer, help with PTSD, reduce activity and depression, helps with nausea and vomiting, and so much more. Not all of this can fully be claimed, as this is from research and no guarantee of 100% success but it is worth trying for sure. 

If you are interested in buying you can check out the store to find all your CBD needs. You can buy different flavors of oil to put under your tongue to take orally, bath bombs, salves and more. 

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For those who follow my other site, Awe Filled Homemaker, you will know that I have done MANY posts sharing how much our family has used essential oils. I have also shared here how we have used them to help with PTSD. Using CBD is not much different. We love using natural remedies when we can and sharing those with all of you. <3

In Awe,

***Note: The statements in this post have not been approved by the FDA. I am NOT a Dr, nurse, or medical staff and do not speak as such. I am just a wife and a mom who is sharing our experiences based on trials and much research.***

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