Establishing Good Study Skills

I was sent Victus Study Skills Program from Victus Study Skills. I received this system as part of the TOS Review Crew. Although I was compensated, the opinions shared are mine and mine alone.


Did you know that you can help your child establish good study skills from the time their young? If you have a kindergartener or older, these tips for study skills and the system that is developed from Victus Study Skills System might come in handy for your child.



Establishing Good Study Skills


Study skills matter. When you instill the proper skills early, it is a tool they can carry with them for a lifetime. Using Victus Study Skills System Levels 2 & Level 3 like we did will get your children started off in the right direction. If you have a younger child younger, then level 1 would be perfect! Have an older child? No problem! Victus goes all the way through college with level 4! 

Now why do study skills matter so much?

Well, we are going to delve into that soon. I can’t wait to share more with you, but first, let me tell you WHY our family needs this.

We have three boys. My oldest is a high school student. (I’m holding back the tears as I type this. It seems like it was yesterday we were snuggled on the couch watching Elmo. Where did the years go?). My high school student doesn’t have the gift of organization with his school work nor with study skills. Some things that come easy or natural for you or me, it just isn’t for him.

When I was in school, my mom, who was a teacher, sat me down and discussed the best practices for study skills.

I took those ideas, figured out more of what worked for ME and ran with it. Now, I wasn’t a perfect student, but I tried hard and did okay. 

I took the example set by my mother and sat down with my oldest. I talked to him, showed him, and taught him the study skills my mother helped teach me. We researched and researched some more. We tossed all the previous ideas we had and tried again with a different approach. It was pretty similar to beating your head against the wall.

We just were not getting anywhere. I hate to say that because y’all come here for homeschool help. I try my best to give you the assistance and advice you need, but we aren’t perfect here and my kids struggle in some areas and succeed in others. 

So just about the time I was starting to really stress over study skills and wonder if I was going to actually ever get through to my handsome and very strong-willed first-born, we were asked to do this review! 

God sure works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?! He always knows our needs and let me tell you, I NEEDED HELP. 

I will share more on our experience through this discussion, but that is the WHY that lead us here. 

Now let’s talk about study skills in general.



Establishing Good Study Skills With Victus Study Skills Program

Excellent study skills have been shown to help children get better grades in school. It’s as simple as that. It is hard to do well in school and achieve good grades, even in homeschool, if you don’t have a proper foundation laid out for studying. Once a child gets older and into high school, if their foundation is shaky with poor study skills, it is time to pause and fix the foundation. You will find the advice below is a great way to help teach your child the proper and effective way to study. 



What Are Study Skills

Study skills are skills that you learn over time. It really is a system of how you sit down and work with efficiency. The earlier that this foundation is laid down, the better. Study skills are necessary for the child’s entire life. These skills transfer to the workforce later in life. Many people think the importance of study skills are strictly for students who are attending college, but that’s just not the case. 

Teaching a child HOW to study is just as important as teaching them WHAT to study. As I mentioned earlier, God knows our needs. Study skills are also an important skill for a believer, especially when studying God’s infallible word. 


Ways to Grow Effective Study Skills 


Limit Distractions 

You will find kids can lose focus easily. Make sure when you sit down to study or complete schoolwork that you get rid of distractions so they can focus on the work in front of them. Create a safe workplace for them to sit down that has the supplies they need and is in a quiet area. 

Each of my kids has a container that holds pencils, pens, markers, and other school items. All the supplies are right there at their disposal. This has helped me tremendously! They no longer spend their time hunting or asking for scissors, a blue marker or whatever else they need. Supplying all their needs helps them not forget what they are working on. 


Create Checklists 

Help your child jot down a checklist of steps they need to do to complete their work. Maybe it is ensuring their name is on the paper, the date, spell checking, showing work, etc. Making a checklist for younger children helps them learn a system to follow when they start to work on assignments on their own. Through repetition, it will become a habit to work down a list to get the finished product. 

Zone In On Struggles 

If your child can’t sit for more than 10 minutes at a time without getting antsy, work on facilitating their attention. When you see a struggle or weakness, you know that is an area to work on. Maybe offer 10 minutes studying and 5 minutes play time. Slowly extend the study time and work on a schedule to help them focus.


If your older child is struggling with a subject, take the time to sit down with them as they study to help clarify any issues they might have. If their study time is ineffective, they will continue to look for easier ways to accomplish the assignment. The majority of the answers to their homework can be found by searching the internet. Before you know it, they’re watching cat videos on YouTube.  

Praise Strengths 

Make sure to praise your child for the work they have accomplished well. It is essential to building your child up. Maybe they read the question and answered correctly, praise them for it. Or perhaps they took good notes. No matter how big or small their accomplishment, applaud them to build them up. 


Help your child learn which subject or assignment takes precedence over others. Communication is the key in prioritizing. Some parents teach their children the snowball effect by working on short assignments first and continuing to the larger assignments. Other parents teach their children the due date process by prioritizing the work in order by due dates. While still, other parents teach their children to prioritize by working on the harder assignments first and the easy assignments later, or vice versa. Whatever process you teach your child to prioritize his or her work, this will help them be more effective. 

Interactive Learning 

Make learning fun and interactive! We tell our middle schoolers, high schoolers and college kids to focus on a major or employment that they love. Shouldn’t school be the same? Incorporate interactive activities for your kids as you teach them. Step outdoors and look at the trees as you talk about photosynthesis or the effects of weathering. 


Why Victus Study Skills? 

Truth be told, I love how the Victus Study Skills system is laid out. I was sent the following items: 

Level 1: Primary (K-2/3) 
Teacher Supplement 
Student Workbook

Level 2: Elementary (2/3-4/5) 
Teacher Supplement
Student Workbook

Level 3 (5/6-10/11) 
Teacher Edition
Student Workbook

Level 4 (10/11-College)
College Student Workbook

Other Products
Student Planner

We used level 2 & 3 with my kids. I did take a peek at all the levels and they are all great! 

When using Victus Study Skills System products, you should first start out by reading in your teacher’s manual. This will start breaking everything down for you. It goes over the course aim and some very important info.

Here are a couple of nuggets right from the start:

  • Zeal without knowledge is not good, but zeal with knowledge bears fruit. 
  • Results come from the process
  • Any system with all of its components must have an aim or purpose.
  • A unique and effective system of study has the greatest likelihood of aiding in success.
    (These are taken from the teacher’s guide page 9)

Don’t skip over the teacher’s guide because it really is jam-packed with helpful information. I love how it breaks down each question and discusses in-depth what your student should be doing and has lessons that apply.

I read the teacher’s manual and then organized my homeschool kiddos. Two of my kids using level 2, so I had them do their work in a notebook so that they could share the student workbook. Although I would have liked for each child to have their own workbook with this product, we worked around it easily! My high schooler began the student planner and level 3.


Each state has specific guidelines relating to homeschool.

In my state, we can use study skills as partial credit in High School. My oldest will continue this program until finished so he can get the .5 credit for High School.

There are differences in level 2 & 3, mostly relating to age-appropriate study skills. There’s a significant amount of more information in level 3 than in level 2, age-related of course. Even the beginning questions under “Where Am I Now?” are longer than level 2. I feel each one is very specific for the age that it is addressing. 

I also want to touch on the planner for a second. The planner is very nice. We used this for my oldest in level 3. It is fill-in so you can start it at any time of the year. I love that it has quotes and also odd but true facts. 

All in all, I really love this program and give it a 5 star. We have learned a lot (myself included) and feel more confident teaching my children study skills. I also feel more confident that my kids are becoming more equipped to not just be told to study, but actually know how to do that.


Do you have a child who struggles with study skills? Comment below! 


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