Easy Plants Any Gardener Can Grow

Last Updated on July 15, 2021

Easy Plants Any Gardener Can Grow

When it comes to starting a new garden or just getting started with a few plants, you want to look for easy plants that anyone can grow successfully. Hardy plants tend to thrive even if they are forgotten for periods of time. These types of plants are also the way to go for less experienced gardeners whose thumbs aren’t green yet. These plants are easy to grow and more likely to thrive and leave you feeling rewarded with your garden this year. Don’t miss out on these easy plants any gardener can grow

Easy Plants Any Gardener Can Grow

Easy to grow plants

One of the best vegetables for new gardeners is the zucchini. This hardy summer squash can easily grow several large fruits for each plant and is known to grow an abundance that quickly takes over garden beds. The vines act as protection for the soil from the sun helping to protect the plant and keep the spoil hydrated even when your garden has been neglected.

Green beans are known for quick production that gives you a good turn around making your garden an encouraging project that keeps you interested. Green beans are not only easy to grow, but they are also a great option for improving the soil in your garden beds making them perfect for companion planting and rotating each season.

If you want something super easy to grow quickly, radishes are a great option. These easy-to-grow vegetables do not take up a lot of space and make a great companion plant to most other vegetables, making them perfect for slipping into gaps and along the edges of your garden to maximize space. 

Peppers are a major part of most people’s diet. Used for adding variety and flavor to foods, peppers are a breeze to grow and there are nearly limitless varieties you can add to your summer garden to enjoy. Choose a couple of peppers that your family enjoys eating and plant near your tomatoes to make watering easier. 

Cucumbers, like zucchini, are easy to grow and the vines make them perfect for growing vertically or in a garden bed out of the way. There are a large variety of cucumbers from snacking to pickling making them perfect for fresh summer salads or preserving for winter.

Spinach is one of those cool weather vegetables that can be grown nearly anywhere with ease. Harvesting early and often will allow you to enjoy a large harvest from your spinach plants before the heat of summer rolls in when other vegetables like tomatoes and peppers begin to thrive. As one of the most nutrition-packed salad greens, spinach is a truly great choice for your garden.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables for gardeners for a reason. As long as they get plenty of water, they tend to thrive and produce really well making them rewarding and sustainable. Tomatoes can handle the heat of summer and have endless uses in the kitchen from salads to pasta to salsas.

More Easy Plants Any Gardener Can Grow

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow. They tend to handle neglect fairly well and come back year after year. Strawberries should be well contained to keep them from spreading outside of the area you wish for them to grow. These hardy fruits will quickly fill in your growing space with just a few plants.

Berries that grow on bushes including blueberries, mulberries, raspberries, and blackberries. These pants can take a couple of years to truly reward you for your time, effort, and space. Once these bushes are well established, they will produce fruits for you to enjoy year after year making them well worth your time and energy. The upkeep of these plants is simply pruning once they have become established.

Adding herbs to your garden allows you to grow more and add more variety to your diet. Lavender makes a great addition to your garden and is fairly hands-off for growing. This perennial can be grown in a large pot and really just needs a bit of water and some pruning to keep it under control. 

Oregano is one of the most popular plants for new gardeners starting herb gardens. It does well in potted gardens but can thrive and produce a large crop when given plenty of space in your garden. 

Basil is another popular and versatile herb that can grow and thrive when given space and can handle a certain level of neglect from day to day. This nice and hardy plant is content with other herbs in the back of the garden with full sun and plenty of mulch. 

If you are looking for an easy to grow and versatile plant that can be used to flavor everything from water to desert, you may want to consider growing a mint variety. Mint plants have many great uses that just add the perfect touch to summer and are easy to grow. Mint plants like oregano and basil can handle being forgotten making them perfect for new gardeners. Do you have any other easy plants any gardener can grow tips?

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