Delicious Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Last Updated on February 14, 2021

The reason why I am so much into this melt-in-your-mouth instant pot pulled pork recipe is its simple steps and smoky and warm BBQ flavor. My family is also in love with this savory recipe that can make your everyday meals super special.   


The staple, once prepared, is ready to rock the taste of literally anything. Whether you like to stuff it in tacos, pile it on sandwiches, or simply eat it as is, the delicious meat is not less than a treat for your taste buds.   

What makes this recipe a favorite dish of many people is that it is an all-day meal. That means you can use pulled pork meat in breakfast wraps, make nachos with it for lunch, and cook it with rice or spaghetti for dinner. The delicious combination of pork meat and BBQ sauce makes a perfect topping not only for salads but also for baked potatoes

Cooking Time of Instant Pot Pulled Pork 

One of the reasons I praise this recipe so much is its cooking time. You can cook instant pot pulled pork in very little time, especially when you compare it to the slow cooker version. Making this recipe in a Crockpot may take 10 to 12 hours on the slow flame. If you are cooking it for the first time, it can become an all-day project. 

On the other hand, the Instant Pot takes hardly 50 to 60 minutes to cook on high flame. It is not really an all-day affair and does not require you to spend a whole day in the kitchen. That means if you are craving mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches, you can live your dreams by that afternoon. 

instant pot pulled pork


You Can Use Instant Pot for This Easy Recipe

As mentioned above, when you use an instant pot, cooking pulled pork meat is no longer a whole-day affair. The ultra-tender saucy meat takes only a few minutes to get lots of Smoky-sweet flavors. It is cooked in the sauce directly. 

Use your instant pot to make this recipe a one-pot affair, and you will have no extra dishes to wash. It is better to use the pot to sear the meat first and then cook it until it reduces the sauce and gets more concentrated and rich in flavor. 

Best Cut For Meat for Pot Pulled Recipe

Deciding the right pork cut for the recipe is not only the first step of making pulled pork but also the most important one. 

Unlike brisket, you can make pot pulled pork from a fatty roast or any piece from the hog. However, choosing the right cut for the recipe can make a lot of difference. I prefer cooking pot pulled pork with the best cut from the shoulder. The cut is not only high in fats but also has lots of connective tissues. That is what makes it one of the most flavorful parts of the hog. 

Typically, you can cut the pork shoulder into two main parts: the picnic roast and the Boston Butt. There is no harm in using either of the cuts in the recipe, but Boston Butt makes the best choice because it is easier to cook and work with. Plus, it comes in equal shapes and has the right amount of lean to fat. That means need not worry about extra calories when eating the Boston butt. 

Make sure you buy a rectangular-shaped Boston butt that has layers of fat on its one side. Look for the rich pink meat that is not too firm or too soft to the touch.

instant pot pulled pork




instant pot pulled pork


Cut the roast into equal parts. Mix the seasonings with sugar and rub the seasoning over the meat.


Put the roast in the Instant Pot. Add BBQ sauce and pressure cook.


Naturally, release and then shred the meat.


Add BBQ sauce to meat and let sit.


Serve and enjoy!

 Savor the most delicious recipe!

Freeze the Cooked Meat for Later

Yes, that is right. You can quickly freeze this tender and juicy pulled pork in the fridge and use it in other recipes. If you are unable to finish it in one go, simply store it in a big freezer bag or an airtight container for a month or two. All you need to do is to reheat the meat before using it again. 

Tip: Write down the recipe name on the bag so that you will remember what you have packed inside it.  


Use the Same Recipe to Cook Pot Pulled Chicken

This is undeniably an innovative idea to try the same recipe with chicken. You can add or subtract the ingredients according to your taste. You can follow the same steps. However, since chicken has a shorter cooking time compared to pork, you need to make sure it is cooked properly.   

Trying the same recipe with chicken is not the only way you can cook pulled meat. If you like to add different flavors to make this recipe more delicious, there is no stopping you. Or you can use cooked pulled pork in different styles.

Don’t forget to print out the recipe for later!

Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Delicious Instant Pot Pulled Pork


  • 4-5 lbs pork shoulder or butt roast
  • 2 cup BBQ sauce (1 to cook in 1 to top)
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar


1) Cut your roast into 4 equal parts, leave the skin on the roast. Don't skip this part or you'll be cooking your pork much longer and the meat won't be as saturated with flavor.

2) Mix together your seasoning and sugar in a small bowl to create a dry rub. Rub the seasoning over the meat.

2) Add the roast skin side facing up to the Instant Pot insert. Pour 1 cup of BBQ sauce over the roast. Close the lid and turn the pressure valve to sealing.

3) Cook the roast at high pressure for 70 minutes. Let the pressure naturally release then shred the meat with two forks. Mix in the last cup of BBQ sauce and allow the pulled pork to sit in the sauce to rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.

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