Easy Gifts To Create From Your Phone

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We live in a world where technology is not only all around us, but rules many aspects in our lives. Online forums, mobile device apps, and even our alarm clocks found on our smart phones. Technology is in our pockets, in our purse, in our car and even next to our beds. We rely on our phones for staying in constant communication with friends and family to posting pictures of our food for the world to see to keeping up with work at all times of the day. But what if we could make our phones work even harder for us?! What if we didn’t have to transfer things from our phones to our computers to accomplish certain tasks? What if, with just a click of a button (or a tap on the screen), we could get gifts shipped to us from our phone?!

I’m not talking about shopping on a retailer app like Amazon or Walmart. I’m talking about really cool and unique things and programs that have their own apps. Things like StickUpPix!

What is StickUpPix?

StickUpPix is an app that allows you to take your iPhone pictures, send them to the beautiful interwebs and have them delivered on your doorstep in the form of beautiful murals!

The majority of our pictures are taken with the little devices we keep in our pockets. The development of pixel resolution in smart phone cameras has improved drastically! Gone are the days of blurry cell phone pictures we keep hidden on an external drive in our cabinets. Now we can purchase cell phone camera lens attachments that make pictures look similar, if not better, than an expensive camera!

The benefits? Now we have gorgeous pictures at the palm of our hands and almost every day has a photo worthy element. With StickUpPix, you can take those photo worthy moments and create beautiful, perfect and memorable gifts for friends or decor items for around the house.

How does it work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is take a memorable picture. You’ll need three to print the first time! Next, open the stylish and sleek app, allow access to your photo library, and choose the images. All that’s next is to fill in your mailing and billing information and the murals are on their way to your house!

What do the murals look like?

The murals you get are easily attached to the wall without nails using high quality sticky-dots! That means they can be hung over any painted surface and not cause any damage. Do you live in an apartment or rented house where you can’t put nails in the wall? These will be the perfect fix for your decor needs!

While you can’t apply filters to the images within the app, you can easily use any filter or photo editing app on your phone and save the final picture. Then, just choose that one in the StickUpPix app to print!

How big are the murals?

They aren’t huge, but also aren’t small! The prints are 8″x8″, so be sure to adjust your pictures accordingly.


Ready to get started? Use coupon code AwefilledHomemaker20% to get 20% off your order! Be sure to download the app here

What other gifts can you create with iPhone apps?

Need some flowers sent quick? BloomThat makes it ridiculously easy! These flowers can be delivered the same day in certain locations and they are delivered next day for all other locations nationwide. All you have to do is pick your flower arrangement, fill in your mailing address and voila! The flowers will arrive shortly!

Need a last-minute gift and not sure what to get? Gift cards are always a wonderful idea! Gyft allows you to pick a gift card from hundreds of popular retailers, send them to your friends or family (or whoever else needs a quick gift!) and put some smiles on faces!

How about a massage? You can’t say no to that, right?! With the Soothe app, you can book massages for anyone and the best part is the massage therapist comes to you!

Want to shop around a bit for the perfect gift? Giftagram has tons of gifts, perfect for any occasion! Simply pick the perfect gift and send it to the receiver!

So, there you have it! Fun and unique gift ideas you can do with your phone anywhere you have service! Do you have a favorite gift idea? Something that really sticks out? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget- Use coupon code AwefilledHomemaker20% to get 20% off your order at StickUpPix! Be sure to download the app here

Laura Awe Filled Homemaker

Special thanks to  StickUpPix for sponsoring this post. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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