Comforting Bread Recipes for Autumn Meals

Comforting Autumn Bread Recipes

After a summer filled with grilled foods and salads, cooler Autumn days bring thoughts of richer and more comforting meals. Soups, pots of chili and stew, and baked dishes of all varieties are perfect for cooler weather meals. And nothing goes better with a tasty Autumn meal than a scrumptious piece of bread!

These Comforting Bread Recipes for Autumn Meals offer up a wide variety of delicious bread options for every meal. From traditional bread recipes for crusty loaves to enjoy warm from the oven and slathered in butter, to seasonal quick breads you can enjoy for either breakfast or dessert, there is something here to please everyone.

Buying bread is easy. But when you bake your own bread, you fill your home with an amazing fragrance that simply makes people feel good. When you bake bread, you gift your family with pleasure, even before they take that first bite. Baking bread for someone is another way of letting them know that you love them. And when it comes to your family, what could be better than that?

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1. Zucchini Bread – Sally’s Baking Addiction

The sweet and earthy goodness of Zucchini Bread simply cannot be denied. Although zucchini grows well all summer, and we often eat this bread throughout the year, it always reminds me most of autumn. Fresh from the oven and slathered with butter, it is the perfect way to warm up on a cool day!

2. Cheesy Garlic Bread – Yellow Bliss Road

Autumn is the perfect time for warm comforting meals, including pasta dishes. And what tastes better with pasta than some amazing cheesy garlic bread? This recipe is the ultimate – easy to make and simply delicious, you might even be tempted to cook some up even without the pasta!

3. Grandma’s Banana Bread – Brown Eyed Baker

If you love banana bread, you will really love this recipe. Classic and delicious, this bread is full of chopped walnuts (which you can omit if you dislike them) and is perfect for cool weather mornings. Actually, there just isn’t a wrong time to enjoy a big slice of banana bread!

4. Asiago Cheese Bread – Tastes of Lizzy T

This Asiago Cheese bread looks so delicious. Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, and cheesy through and through, I can imagine pairing it with hearty soups and stews and other rib-sticking meals throughout the Autumn and Winter. But it might be tricky making sure there is still bread left by the time dinner is ready!

5. Herbed Crock Pot Bread Recipe – Living Sweet Moments

If you are a big fan of bread but don’t have a lot of time, you’ll loved this Herbed Crock Pot Bread recipe. It’s easy to make and you don’t have to give it time to rise. Pop it in the crock pot and you’ll have some amazing bread ready to go with all those delicious Autumn meals you make for your family!

6. Warm Apple Pie Bread – Spend With Pennies

Although apples can be eaten anytime of year, there is something about Autumn that just seems to call for apple treats. Suddenly, I’m thinking about pies and cobblers and anything else I can put apples into. This Warm Apple Pie Bread sounds like the perfect Autumn recipe. Sweet, moist, and full of apple goodness, it might just become your new favorite Autumn recipe!

7. Easy Crusty French Bread – Life As a Strawberry

The hearty goodness of French bread is a nice accompaniment to most Autumn meals, and this recipe for Easy Crusty French Bread offers a delicious way to make your own. You make it in a dutch oven so it bakes up all soft inside with a nice crust. But after making this, I bet you’ll never want store-bought French bread again!

8. Snickerdoodle Bread – Lil Luna

Do you love making sweet breads for your family to enjoy on cool Autumn mornings? This Snickerdoodle Bread seems like the perfect morning bread to me, reminding me of struesel and cinnamon sugar toast and many other delicious things. It’s the type of bread that perfectly straddles the line between breakfast and dessert, and bonus – it’s easy to make!

9. Crumb Apple Zucchini Bread – Julie’s Eats and Treats

I shared a delicious Zucchini Bread recipe earlier in the list. But this Crumb Apple Zucchini Bread is like no Zucchini bread we’ve ever known. Full of apples and featuring a cinnamon and brown sugar topping, it tastes like a happy marriage between some quick bread and an apple cobbler. I know my family would devour this on an Autumn morning. How about yours?

10. Autumn Bread – Cookies and Cups

This Autumn Bread recipe is so perfect for cooler days, it even has the right name! It is perfectly described as a combination of zucchini bread, banana bread, and carrot cake, it has all those earthy Autumn flavors you love. In fact, your family may love this one so much, they’ll beg you to make it every morning!

11. Almond Baklava Croissants – Crazy for Crust

Maybe it’s just me, but I always associate nutty flavors and honey with Autumn. These Almond Baklava Croissants are an unbelievably easy way to bring those flavors home to your family. There are only 4 ingredients and you may even already have them in your kitchen. If you love Baklava, you’ve gotta give these a try!

12. Zucchini Carrot Oatmeal Muffins – Yellow Bliss Road

If you’re looking for something healthy and flavorful for your family for school mornings this Autumn, these Zucchini Carrot Oatmeal Muffins might be just what you need. Made with golden raisins and whole wheat, they are hearty and full of natural energy. I think they sound so good, I may even forget they are healthy!

13. No Knead Bread – Brown Eyed Baker

Are you a fan of homemade bread but not a fan of spending time kneading it? If so, this just might be the perfect recipe for you! It does take a long time to rise, so keep that in mind. But if you time it right, you can make amazing bread for your family anytime you want!

14. Rosemary Focaccia – Our Best Bites

I think that Autumn is the best time of year for hearty pasta dishes like lasagna and spaghetti. It’s also a time when I think about making a nice stew or a big pot of soup. This Rosemary Focaccia bread would taste fantastic with all of them! I can just imagine all that warm, fragrant, fluffy goodness right now, can’t you?

15. Slow Cooker Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread – Crazy For Crust

If you are a sucker for cinnamon rolls, you might just want to ignore this recipe. Made in the slow cooker (which makes it dangerously convenient!) and the flavor of every cinnamon roll you’ve ever dreamed of, this Slow Cooker Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread is the stuff that cool Autumn dreams are made of. After making this, you might even be tempted to lick your crockpot clean. But . . . at least wait until it cools off first!

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