CBD Oil is an Awesome Alternative for Veterans With PTSD

Our military is our greatest asset. They protect our interests as a nation and sacrifice more than we can ever imagine to maintain our most precious commodity – freedom. Our troops do this at great personal expense to themselves. By agreeing to serve in the military, a service member is committing to a life away from home and agreeing to go to war when called upon.

They’re sacrificing their personal safety and comfort. Sleepless nights and uncomfortable conditions often become part of the norm. They miss valuable time with their spouses and milestones for their children. They will miss birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, seeing their child walk for the first time, watching their hit their first baseball or score their first points in basketball, and even funerals of loved ones. Instead of giving into fear, they fight through it all and unselfishly keep us all safe.



CBD Oil is an Awesome Alternative for

Veterans With PTSD


It goes without saying that as a natural consequence of the sacrifices they make, their health can take a toll. Many of our service members come home to find that they are not the people they once were, mentally and physically. Sadder still, when it comes to getting the care that they need, many service members are woefully underserved. The injustice of this, the neglect of people who have given so much to their country, is heartbreaking. Our vets come home in pain and instead of receiving the hero’s welcome they richly deserve, they suffer from homelessness, inadequate resources, and lackluster medical care.

You don’t have to know a service member to know about the problems they suffer from. If you take a quick look at the news, you can see the corruption and abuse that runs rampant throughout the VA system. The opiate crisis has hit them especially hard since vets are often prescribed strong medications to help them cope with chronic pain. Many vets are seeking alternative treatments to many of the conditions they are suffering from and are finding a solution in an unexpected source: cannabidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the marijuana or hemp plant and provides the health benefits of marijuana without the “high” that the THC (the psychoactive element of the plant) gives. This oil is changing lives for many of our military members by giving them relief from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

PTSD is a mix of adverse physical, mental and emotional symptoms that generally occur after a traumatic life event. A person suffering from PTSD will experience behavioral or mood changes, fatigue, vivid memories and dreams, fears, anger and more. A lot of our military population find they struggle with PTSD after coming home if they experienced trauma.

When a person goes through a traumatic event that is etched into memory and it plays on repeat, it can cause mental fatigue. PTSD doesn’t only affect our service members returning from war, it also affects rape victims, sexual assaults, abuse, and many more.

It is estimated that around 24.4 million people have PTSD. That number is equal to the population of Texas. CBD Oil contains no psychoactive component (THC) and contains none of the negative effects.

Symptoms of PTSD 

  • Re-living past memories and events
  • Avoiding people, places or certain situations from feeling anxious
  • Changes in personality that are drastic
  • Excessive anger, yelling, profanity, or general over-reacting
  • Extra sensitive or startled easily by sounds
  • Feeling of guilt or responsibility
  • Loss of Joyfulness

The mental health benefits of the oil are well-known, but did you ALSO know that CBD oil can be good for physical conditions as well? Here are just a few of the conditions plaguing our vets that CBD oil can help to relieve:

Cigarette addiction

There’s no need to debate it, smoking is bad for you. Medical studies have proven that CBD oil can help to relieve cigarette addiction when a patient takes a puff of oil instead of nicotine.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that many people, military members included, can suffer from. CBD oil can be great at relieving physical pain and relieving its users of the need to rely on addictive prescription drugs.


Not sleeping takes its toll on our bodies, both mentally and physically. CBD can help give a patient the rest they so desperately need.

Substance abuse disorders

Many of our service members come home to their families with addictions that can plague them for years. CBD oil can help to relieve the symptoms of detox and make it easier to break free from addiction.

If traditional medical practices have failed you, it is worthwhile to research something new to relieve the problem. It is time to consider this rediscovered medicine. While you may never get back to where you were, you can find a new normal and discover your zest for life again with CBD oil.


How can CBD Oil Treat PTSD 

  • Block Reconsolidation Memory
  • Block Mood Receptors
  • Promote Sleep Hormones
  • Regulate Stress Hormones 
  • Help with Pain Receptors 

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) helps regulate the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) via the network of nerve receptor cells that are distributed throughout the body. It may help with anxiety, fears, impulse behaviors, mood and more. CBD oil has been known to bring relief to these debilitating symptoms for those who suffer from PTSD. 

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How Long Does It Take to Work 

Depending on the weight, gender and body type of the person, it can take around 20-40 minutes for CBD oil to take effect. The method of using CBD Oil, either a salve or placing oil under the tongue, will also determine how long the oil takes effect. Placing drops under the tongue allows the oil to get into the bloodstream much quicker. The directions state to place the drops under the tongue, hold it there for a minute or two, then swallow. Since CBD oil contains no THC, no “high” psychoactive effect will be experienced. This is an all-natural legal option to try to help relieve PTSD symptoms. If you’re interested in more information, join our facebook group linked above and also shop our store. 

PS: These statements have not been approved by the FDA. I am not a Dr or nurse. Nor do I claim to be one. I am just a wife with a combat Veteran husband who suffers from severe PTSD. The stories found on this blog are just our own experience and trail and error. 

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