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I love Fall! The changing of the colors, the cooler air, the smell of pumpkin, and football (according to my husband, specifically Ohio State Football). I can cozy up in a warm sweater, the UGG boots find their way out of the closet and those extra 10 pounds don’t seem to matter as much. Here in the south, Fall also means I can finally find reprieve from the humidity and actually breath again!

Bonus: Candy Corn Sugar Cones + Free Printable! 

Fall is a great time of year for enjoying good food, good friends and tasty treats. If candy corn is a must have on your list, you’re going to love all of these great products and recipes. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best candy corn goodies, treats and projects for you to enjoy. Check them out!

1. Candy Corn Nails – When you love candy corn so much, you want to wear it everywhere you go. These candy corn nails will do the trick. Tutorial tells you exactly how to paint your own nails this way.
2. Candy Corn Candle Holders – This fun project highlights why candy corn is autumn’s favorite treat. This craft shows you how to use candy corn to create some fall-inspired candle holders. They’ll make great decor for your home.
3. Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse – Candy corn? Cheesecake? Mousse? What’s not to love about this amazing treat? You can serve it to guests or enjoy it all for yourself. It’s super easy to make.
4. Yummy Candy Corn Trifle – This candy corn trifle is delicious! It’s great for any fall season, for parties, or “just because.”
5. Candy Corn Trifle – Don’t mistake this for the previous treat. Here’s another great recipe for a fall festival or party.
6. No Bake Chocolate Bars – No bake chocolate is always a winner. This one is quick and easy to make and sure to be a delight this fall.
7. Jack O Lantern Cookies – These adorable cookies are great for taking to school, the office, or for an after-school snack. You and your kiddos will have fun decorating the faces, too!
8. Candied Popcorn – Mmm, candied popcorn! Here’s a great treat that screams fall! You can make some up and enjoy it while decorating your house. Be sure to leave enough for decoration.
9. Fall Trail Mix – Trail mix is a classic and healthy snack. Fall is a great time for enjoying trail mix inspired by the season.
10. Candy Corn Fall Decor – You can have candy corn everywhere with this great DIY candy corn fall decor.
11. Candy Corn Jello – Here’s a jello for grownups. Mix it up and try this candy corn jello recipe. You will not be disappointed.
12. Yummy Fall Mix – Here’s a delicious fall mix that will soon become a staple in your home every autumn season.
13. Candy Corn Cocoa – All of the best parts of fall rolled into one with this candy corn cocoa recipe. Check it out and try it yourself.
14. Candy Corn Cookies – You can never go wrong with cookies and this recipe really hits the mark. Try these candy corn cookies!
15. Candy Corn Treat Boxes – This is an awesome craft project and they make great party gifts, too.

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