Biblical Feasts: Celebrating Hanukkah

As a Christian, I have been blessed to know friends that are from all walks of life. Some of my friends are Jewish. Through our discussions, homeschooling and Bible studies, I began diving into the Messianic prophesies and why- as a Christian would you even consider Biblical Feasts: Celebrating Hanukkah.

My studies on how the Old Testament and New Testament parallel have become very interesting. Also, the more I have homeschooled my children, the more it has been brought up in curriculums.


I am learning right along side my kids about Biblical Feasts: Celebrating Hanukkah! One season during when Clay was still active duty,  I took a Bible study at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), and it is by far my favorite study I have taken there. First, the facilitators were wonderful! Both had done the Biblical feasts and holidays along with our American holidays.

One of the facilitators was born and raised Jewish. She became a Christian as an adult, and she had a wonderful knowledge of the Jewish faith in addition to being a very strong Christian! The Bible study we did was Restore my Heart: God’s Passionate Love for his Bride.

As I took the class, I found out that as a Christian, it was very important to study our Biblical history in order to understand fully where Christ came from. I took a lot of notes and did NOT want to miss this class! If you get a chance, do this Bible study. You will not be sorry.

I remember both facilitators had brought in some books and other things the group could look at to learn more about Biblical feasts and holidays. I wrote down each one so I could get them and learn more.



Here is a list of resources that helped is with Biblical Feasts: Celebrating Hanukkah-


1.  A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

2.  Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts

3.  Celebrating Biblical Feasts: In Your Home

4. Celebrating the Christian Year

5. The Feasts of Adonai

6.  Enter His Gates: To Your Jewish Roots

7. Daily Life at the Time of Jesus

8. Cooking with the Bible: Recipes for Biblical Meals

9.  Food At The Time of the Bible

10.  How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah


You may be thinking, “I am not Jewish.  Why would I want to celebrate Biblical Feasts or Hanukkah” ?

  What’s in the Bible on celebrating Hanukkah.  Take time to read it and watch the video.  It is wonderful.

If you read the What’s in the Bible link you saw the scripture quoted from John 8:12,  I believe that as Christians we can celebrate Hanukkah or the “Festival of Lights” as we rededicate ourselves and our lives to Christ and we acknowledge Him as the perfect and true light of this world.

The celebration of Hanukkah reminds us of God’s wonderful miracles for us. It reminds us of God’s protection in our life.  It reminds us to remain true to God, even when the world tries to force us to forget Him.

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that whoever are His true followers will not have darkness but they will have the Light of Life.  What better way to remember this promise and the true perfect gift than through celebrating Hanukkah?


Here is a round-up of links for activities, printables and recipes. Enjoy!

1.  Hanukkah-Freebie Pack

Which freebie are you looking forward to the most? This pack is jam-packed with them!

2.  Hanukkah Dreidel Games

Take the Dreidel to the next level with these fun games!

3.  Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Let’s just color with these fantastic coloring pages!

4.  Menorah Craft

This Menorah craft is an easy but fun way for kids to get involved with learning about Menorah’s and the history of them!

5.  Make a Dreidel Craft for Kids

Perfect for crafting and teaching kids about history at the same time, this Dreidel craft is going to be fun!

6.  More Menorah Crafts

These crafts all look like SUCH fun!!! You will have a hard time picking which one is your favorite!

7. Excellent: Explains the Proper Lighting for Hanukkah for kids

What IS The proper lighting for Hanukkah? This post will show you and your kids all about it!

8.  Montessori Inspired Hanukkah Activities

Which activity will you want to take part in?! These all look like so much fun to do with the kids this Hanukkah season.

9.  All About Hanukkah Workbook for kids

Not sure how to teach your kids about all the ins and outs of Hanukkah? This workbook will help!

10.  Star of David Craft

Teach the kids about the Start of David with this fun craft!

11. Grain Free Potato Latkes With Onion and Garlic

These are perfect, grain-free, fried-to-perfection treats that you won’t be able to get enough of!

12. Molasses Free Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

Not able to have molasses? These gingerbread cookies have none and are still just as delicious!

13. Homemade Chocolate Coins

These are perfect for treats, gift bags, or parties! You pick – but everybody loves chocolate!

14. Chanukah Gelt Cookies

These absolutely delicious cookies will not only make your tastebuds extremely happy, but you can use these to really dig deeper into the traditions of Gelt!

15. Chocolate Espresso Spritz Cookies

Chocolate and coffee? Yes, please! This combination will make your heart sing!

16. Jelly Doughnut Cookies

A traditional food, these cookies take Jelly Doughnuts and give them an amazing twist!

17. Rugelach

This is a Jewish pastry that’s always popular, but even more so around Chanukah!

18. Hanukkah Stained Glass Cookies

These are extremely fun for kids to help make!

19. Hanukkah Jelly Cookies

SUPER easy and delicious, I can’t wait to make these!

20. Paleo Vegetable Kugel

Looking for a healthy alternative to traditional Kugel? This recipe will do the trick and still taste just as good!

21. Last Minute Hanukkah Gifts

Struggling with gift ideas? This list will help you focus and get your shopping back in order!

22. Channuka Picture Books

So perfect for kids and teaching the family about the holiday and traditions. Can’t decide which picture book to use? Get them all! 🙂


The Dreidel
Author Unknown

Nun, gimel, heh, and shin,
See the wooden dreidel spin.
Nes gadol hayah shin,
If I’m lucky I will win!

I play with my new dreidel
upon the shiny floor.
I ask some friends to play with me—
we must have two or more.

I give the players pennies—
the same amount to each.
We sit down in a circle,
the pennies within reach.
Each player puts a penny
in the proper spot.
The middle of the circle
is what we call the pot.

Next, I take the dreidel
and spin it round and round.
Which letter does it land on?
What fortune have I found?

I read the letter facing up—
it tells me how to play.
The letters are in Hebrew,
and here is what they say.

“Nun” means I do nothing—
I neither give nor take.
“Heh” means I take half the pot—
what a lucky break!

“Gimel” means I take it all.
It looks as if I’ll win!
But I must put a penny back
when it lands on “shin.”

We go around the circle—
it’s lots and lots of fun,
till one has all the pennies.
Then the game is done!

Nun, gimel, heh, and shin,
See the wooden dreidel spin.
Nes gadol hayah sham,
If I’m lucky I will win!

Order your own dreidels HERE.

Another thing you will want to invest in is a Menorah for Hanukkah.  They range vastly in price.  When I purchased mine, I wanted one that would last, but wouldn’t break the bank.  HERE is the Menorah that I have. We love it. 

I hope this post encourages you, that as a Christian, you can celebrate Hanukkah and other Biblical Feasts.  Have fun! Post what you’re doing to learn more about Biblical Feasts: Celebrating Hanukkah, this year for your own family.










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